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She is angry that you refuse to hand over control. As an act of retaliation, she quickly whirls to one side, but quickly toples down because your legs refuse to move properly. She snarls in response, and you can also feel the slight pang of pain when your body collide onto the solid floor once more.


She really should just give up, but the both of you are just too stubborn for your own good. She won’t stop trying to take control, even if that means attempting to rise and crash down just as soon. She’s not the only one who’s experiencing the pain from falling one too many times though. You think she’d eventually give up once the muscles in your body aches, but that feeling disappears just as soon as it’s there. It seems like you’ve underestimated the predator’s stamina.


But this fight is really silly. Sooner or later you’ll also have to move from this spot.


Written by Stella Purple on 01 October 2017


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