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You spent the whole morning watching the teacher as she taught the class. She forced you to take a seat among the children as you watched the way she conducted herself during the lecture. The children were more quiet than ever as she spoke, their ears were perpetually perked up in attention as the listened to the sound of her voice.
“Okay now children, fill out your forms, the new one will be handing them out to you.” She shot you a glance and you already knew what you had to do.
“Of course, that’s obvious.” You reassured yourself as you leapt to your feet. The children all watched around you and you strutted your way to the front of the classroom to grab the leaflets.
They were colorful and the paper was smooth as if they were partially laminated. You noticed some of the imagery were cartoon versions of large machines. One by one, each of the leaflets were passed out to each of the kids and each of their heads went down to begin examining the papers.
“What were these about?” You barely had the chance to look one paper over entirely. Instead you looked at bits and pieces of each of the pages until you were able to view a full image from viewing each section intimately. It seemed to be some kind of lesson around the way some machinery works. “Are they teaching them how to work these machines?” You thought to yourself, without even saying a word.
By the time you were finished passing them out, you didn’t even have one to look over. Each of the prints were matched absolutely in accordance to the number of children present. It was a bit odd how they could have done that, but it wasn’t a far stretch that a school with live-in dorms would have a high attendance rate.
Throughout the rest of the day you were left to tend to the children. Getting them things they would like,

Written by Drifting Dragon on 03 August 2021

The end (for now)
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