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George gulped. Behind the door was his new assignment. He had heard many stories about what happened in the room. While it was meant to be a secret the rumor mill would always know who had spent time their. Probably because everyone else would make up the wildest story but the people who would not, they were the ones who actually knew and could not talk.


Taking a deep breath he stepped in and let the door shut behind him. The light turning on at the same time.


“Right on time” a voice says “Now your time on the force has been marred by a number of incidents and you have ended up here. Obviously you still want to work as a policeman or the threat of the room would of been enough for you to leave. Anyway, it is time to begin.”


“Begin? What exactly happens “ George starts to ask before the sounds coming out of his mouth change “aff aff?”


“Well, it is simple, we provide a large percentage of the sniffer dogs to the rest of the force.”


George looks to his hands in shock seeing them changing into paws. Turning around he tries to open the door. Only to find a knob on this side, his new paws unable to turn it.


“Do you think you are the first to try and escape. The hands are one of the first physical changes we do to stop the escape.”


A whine is the only response.


“Now don’t worry, the transformation is not permanent, we evaluate your performance every few months, once you have shown your issues are dealt with, then we reverse the process.”


The bright light is turned off to show the rest of the room. Kennels line the walls, most have people in various stages of transformations.


He allows himself to be led into one of the kennels and the barking starts the moment he crosses a line drawn around the door.


“That is our newly installed sound damping field. Before people asked why there was so much barking. This is much better”


Written by catprog on 23 February 2018

The end (for now)
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