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You lunge back and kick out, your foot connecting to its jaw. It growls and bites your leg hard. You yelp in pain as its razor-sharp teeth sink into your flesh, its tooth barely misses your nerve endings. The pain overwhelms you and you collapse to the ground. You crawl away as fast as you can, dragging your lifeless limb behind you. Your breath comes in shallow gasps, barely filling your lungs but adrenaline assists you, giving you an idea that just might save your life. You grab the machete and slash the dog’s neck. It makes a guttural sound, trying to breathe with its neck open. As it falls to the ground you crawl away from it, dragging your leg behind you. The pain racks your body and your vision begins to blur. You hear a thump as a figure suddenly appears in your vision; approaching you as your eyes finally close. You can do nothing but hope you won’t be harmed.

Written by kergiby on 12 August 2011

The end (for now)

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