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On your body, the thing that seems most out of place is the egyption necklace hanging by the door. You are drawn to it and put it on around your neck. Almost immediately, you feel the magic in it awake.


“I am free!” you hear in your mind “Pity, your body is not suited to me; no matter as this is something that can be fixed easily.”


The obvious things that change first are the pants that meld into your skin and slowly change into golden fur as you watch. This affords a clear view of the changes to the manhood. Shrinking away, gone were the parts you had known and slinking into your form, making you female.


“You’re turning me into a girl?”


“Of course, how else are you going to rebuild our race?” the voice asks rhetorically.


“Our race? I am human.”


“No longer as you are a sphinx, just like me.”


Two lumps form above your legs as you watch the new protrusions pushing you up into the roof. Before there is time to think, those new parts quickly solve themselves as they become a new pair of legs that you are able to control well.


You look down at the new legs, lifting one of them to look at more closely. They are clearly lion like with the golden fur and retractable claws. Your original pair of legs are also changing to match the front legs.


“A sphinx? Why do I have extra legs?”


The voice sounds worried, “That should not happen ”


While the changes happened to the legs, there was more that changed as there was not a lion tail that grew out from the hind side.


Two more lumps form on either side of the new feral-like body, stretching out into a large pair of feathered wings. The fur continues to flow up your body.


The voice had a wistful hint as it said, “Still the main parts of the changes are flowing nicely.”


“Turn me back now!” you demand of the voice.


“Nope. The spells are only one way. Still once all the minds are out of the necklace, then perhaps we can talk about it”


You look down to see 6 bumps forming underneath your shirt. Clearly, this was more than what you had thought of when it came to being a woman.


“Ok, this is probably a result of the fertility spell. It has given you extra to compensate for a large litter.”


“But I don’t want to be a mother.”


“Oh, but when you go into heat, you will be begging for a male to provide you relief, and soon after that, your instincts will take over to provide for them.”


The fur now grows down your arms and up your neck. The hands change, not as much as your feet did, but still a mixture of lion and human.


Your mouth and nose stretch out into a muzzle, the new maw having mostly feline qualities.. The eyes changing into those that a lion looks out at, ever looking for prey. The change to the ears are sudden, as they gain a more feline look, the sounds around you amplified.


“I thought sphinxes had human faces?” you ask the voice.


“Yeah, it seems like there might of been too many spells together,” the voice seemed to give. It was almost like the voice seemed to agree with you in that matter wanted to explain a little more. “There were several spells to make this happen. The interaction between them all…” the voice paused, “well it has caused issues.”


“You call changing me into a girl an issue?”


“Oh no. That was planned. If a male put it on, well, they would become female. It was all the other things that are the issue. Anyway it is time to find a lion; he will be able to help with the next stage.”


Written by Catprog + Locke Miller on 09 February 2018


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