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“I’m actually glad you feel like, I don’t know, something weird is going on, because I do believe so as well.”
“Do you want to know who else knows that?” Your eyes lit up as she hinted something strange to you. “The leader of the other pack has been sensing something’s going on as well.” The sentiment shocked you.
“Really now? I always took him as a pretty intelligent guy.” You mentioned. The female seal seemed pleased. “I wouldn’t mind being a bit closer with him myself.” You mentioned.
“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked.
“I mean, I just wanted to be close with everyone so that I could help as many people as possible.” You continued.
“Yeah, well you’re already a bit close with the previous leader of the pack as well. Aren’t you.”
“Somewhat.” You replied. “But I think he may know something too. Though, I’ve never talked to him about it yet.”
“Interesting.” She said. “Well, I’m about to get some rest, thank you for talking to me.” She said before wandering off to her den to sleep. You figured that soon, you should do the same thing. To your surprise, the leader was waiting for you near your den.
“Hello there.” He greeted you in his loud booming voice. “I see you were speaking to that one seal.” He mentioned, not even bringing up the woman’s name. Hell if you knew it anyway. “Why were you speaking with her?” He mentioned.
“I don’t know, I think maybe… She’s up to something? She’s been getting really close with the other group and that just gave me bad vibes.” You mentioned.
“So… You think she’s up to something? Something that may be detrimental to the wellbeing of the members of our original pack.”
“I don’t know.”
“Okay, well I know exactly how to deal with something like this.” He said before wandering off into the night. Somehow, you felt a really bad feeling about this and you wondered if you had even done the right thing. Still, you were so damn sleepy that you just went right to bed and slept for a good long while. You actually had the chance to sleep through the night until you were woken up by the bright sunlight rising on the horizon.
Despite having a restful sleep, the following day, something seemed a bit weird. There seemed to be lots of tension among the seals and it seemed like it was all kind of directed towards you. Suddenly, the female seal had ran right up to you, absolutely livid. She was mad at you about telling the leader of the original pack about this, she thought she could have trusted you. At this point, every seal in the new pack had been just as mad at you. Slowly, they started to drive you out, they were spreading rumors about you among your original pack.
At that point on, every night you were starved out bit by bit until before long you could barely muster the energy to move around. You felt much smaller in this outfit and at this point it almost felt like it would have slid right off you if you didn’t hold it on all around your slendering body.
When your game had finally reset, you didn’t even notice. Maybe it happened in the middle of the night as you slept, maybe it was the lack of food, or maybe it was something else, regardless, you didn’t even care too much, all you knew was that you had to just go back and try something new.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 27 November 2023

The end (for now)

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