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After a long period of thinking to yourselves, as well as each other, the two of you decide the best course of option is to move the business, rebrand, change the pace of the game as the hustle begins to change around you. Your monopoly became a vast empire of multiple products, as you continued to steel your mind in the study, learning everything there is to know about chemicals and their compositions, combustion and acid-base reactions, and dimensional analysis, increasing the profitability of your business.


With that, you and your sibling cultivated a lifelong business-relationship, splitting all profits down the middle and using the vast amounts of ROI from your product’s chemically superior yield had the world reeling in your wake.


One night after a particularly hard hustle with your brother, you return with some leftover product from your runs. A cancelled order, and just enough for you this one time. You enter your bathroom, the porcelain white tiles glistened an opulent white, reflecting your dark black furs as you almost glided through the space. As you enter the bathtub the steaming mists open the pores beneath your shaggy fur, washing away any embedded sweat from the hot summer day.


You crack open some of your product, its pure white appearance sent shivers through your spine as you turned it over in your hands. You lean in as you give your prized product a hefty sniff, taking in the fragrant smell of lavender.


“My favorite!” You think to yourself as you dip the pasty unactivated bar of soap into the water, rubbing it comfortably between your paws. A specific design made for society’s sapian-like digits, you had almost forgotten how comfortable it was to even use your product. “God this really is great!” You say to yourself as you unwind, the plethora of scents blended beautifully as you took a deep breath of the vapor-filled air.


After a quick nap your clothes were delivered to you, pressed and folded neatly- there was something different this time. You turned the fabrics over to find a furred body suit along with an enclosed note reading: “Congratulations” You smile to yourself, knowing that every decision you made brought you here with pride and dignity!


You had never felt better than you did after your bath, cleansed and ready for the next adventure, you willfully slip on the next suit. With closed eyes, a cleaned body, and an opened heart, you can feel the pressure around your body changing you in preparation for your next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 24 March 2020

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