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You stop in place as you consider your options. You let out a sigh and begin to sink your claws into the ground. You try to remember where the hunting ground is from here. You need to do this; you need to find Lowtar, this is too important to let it wait until tomorrow. The announcement of birthing your own child. [Or children, who knows Lowtar's garden may be plentiful... Just saying.] You lock your shoulders in place, rolling them just a little bit. You push your body lower to the ground and take a deep breath. You feel the air filling your body and the moment you feel you have enough breath you take off in a powerful sprint towards the hunting grounds.


You run at what feels like the speed of light. Instead of being scared you feel exhilarated, almost as if your body was filling with the adrenaline from the thrill of the hunt, but this time you are hunting for your mate instead of your next meal. The staccato of your heart beats faster as you race past to the two giant ornately carved wooden posts that signify the boundaries of the village. You know the general location of the hunting grounds but it is a vast area, and you realize that Lowtar could be hunting just about anywhere.


It takes you only a few minutes before you arrive at a watering hole, the giant pool of water glistening in front of you. You look around and notice animal tracks. They smell of equine-esk animals your people hunt. You know that if Lowtar were out here, he would probably go after the pack animals.


You take a quick drink from watering hole, keeping your ears open and alert for any sign of movement. You think you hear either Lowtar or his prey moving around you. Unfortunately, you are not that lucky. You let your tail droop a little bit behind you and gracefully turn around. You look down the tracks, being careful not to cover over them with your own paw prints. You are not a master tracker nor hunter, but you could be. The males primarily do hunting, but there are some exceptional female huntress in the tribe so if they could do it why couldn't you? You think to yourself.


You put your nose to the ground and try and capture the scent of the creatures. You bring your head up and try to visualize the creatures whose scent you are tracking. Once you feel you've got a good lock on their scent you push your legs down into the ground and begin charging again. You run far, darting in and around trees, going as fast as your legs can carry you. After a few minutes of trying to follow the scent, you come across the slight brown and orange equines. You observe them grazing for a moment searching for your mate among their ranks or trailing somewhere behind them.


After a few seconds, you hear some rustling in the bushes slightly away from the herd. A smirk forms on your face, and you charge towards the buses. You jump up into the air and try to land in the bush. A loud scream emanates from underneath you. You land with a heavy thud. Once on the ground, you see you are successful in catching the target of your own. You see your mate under you. You put your face to his cheek and begin to nuzzle him. Lowtar looks up at you with a slight disbelief arching of his brow and a “what the heck” kind of expression. You giggle and continued to nuzzle him for a second before you say in a soft voice, "Lowtar shhhh, this is important." You let out a sigh and pull your face away from him before saying, "I wanted to tell you… Last night but you were asleep and… I spent the morning trying to get things ready only for you to come out here."


Lowtar looks at you and lets out a sigh of his own. His soft green orbs look at you, still quite angry and annoyed that you messed up his perfectly planned hunt. Finally, he asks,"Fine my love… What's your news?"

Written by kamenriderfire on 29 November 2017

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