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You find yourself sitting cross-legged on the tatami mat in Setsa's room, surrounded by the soft glow of a single candle flickering on a nearby nightstand. The air is thick with tension and curiosity, both of you drawn together by the inexplicable dreams that have been haunting your nights. Setsa's eyes are still filled with a mix of trepidation and wonder as you begin to share your own surreal experiences.


"I've been having some strange dreams too," you admit, keeping your voice low to avoid any eavesdroppers. "Not about dragons, though. I dream about being a sphinx."


Setsa looks up, her eyes wide with surprise. "A sphinx? That's... unusual. What happens in your dreams?"


The dreams, you explain, are a tapestry of enigmatic visions where you inhabit the form of a majestic sphinx. It starts with a sensation of soaring through vast, star-studded skies, wings extended to catch the wind's currents. You describe the sensation of power and grace that courses through your dream-self as you glide effortlessly through the cosmos.


Setsa listens intently, her brow furrowing in concentration as she absorbs every detail. You continue your narrative, recounting the moments when you descend from the heavens, landing gracefully on an ancient pedestal adorned with cryptic symbols. The pedestal is perched atop a high mountain peak, surrounded by swirling mists that obscure the world below.


"The strange thing is," you admit with a hint of frustration, "I can never quite decipher the symbols. They seem to be some kind of riddles or puzzles, but they elude my understanding every time."


Setsa nods thoughtfully, her fingers unconsciously tracing the intricate patterns of the tatami mat beneath her. "It's like our dreams are trying to convey some hidden knowledge or message to us," she observes, her voice hushed as if afraid of disturbing the fragile threads of revelation woven into your words.


You proceed to recount other aspects of your sphinx dreams—the encounters with mysterious beings who appear on the mountaintop, cloaked in shimmering robes that seem to ripple like liquid moonlight. These beings never speak, but their eyes hold a profound wisdom and an unspoken invitation to engage in a mental duel of wits.


"In those moments," you admit with a mix of fascination and frustration, "I feel like I possess an otherworldly intelligence, as if I can understand the secrets of the universe. But it's as if I'm missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, and the dreams always end with a sense of unfinished business."


Setsa's expression reflects a growing sense of connection between your experiences. "It's incredible," she murmurs, "how our dreams seem to mirror each other in some way. Your encounters with these enigmatic beings remind me of my interactions with the dragons."


As you listen, Setsa begins to share her own dreams in greater detail. She describes vivid landscapes bathed in hues of deep crimson and golden amber, where colossal dragons of various shapes and forms soar through the skies. Each dragon represents a different continent—European, Asian, African, North and South American—and they radiate a sense of ancient power.


In Setsa's dreams, she's not a passive observer; she becomes one with the dragons, feeling their immense strength and elemental connection to the world. The dreams are accompanied by a sensation of warmth and fire, as if she's being initiated into some elemental force.


"The dragons communicate with me," she confides, her voice trembling slightly. "They convey knowledge, and I understand that we are somehow linked to their legacy. It's as if we're destined to inherit their ancient wisdom and power."


You exchange a glance, both of you aware that these dreams hold profound significance. The notion of becoming dragons or sphinxes seems almost fantastical, yet the dreams feel undeniably real and purposeful.


The room is steeped in silence for a while as you both grapple with the weight of these revelations. Questions swirl in your minds: What is the connection between your dreams and the martial arts training you've received at the dojo? Why have you and Setsa been chosen for these visions, and what role do they play in your destiny?


Setsa finally breaks the silence, her gaze fixed on the flickering candle flame. "We need to find answers," she says with determination. "We must speak to Sensei Tobuo. He must know something about all of this."


You nod in agreement, realizing that seeking guidance from your revered sensei is the logical next step. But a sense of urgency gnaws at you—the night is slipping away, and your mission to infiltrate Sensei Tobuo's hidden room still hangs over your head.


With a reluctant sigh, you stand up and glance at the still-unconscious Nyuanda in the closet. "We should continue this conversation later," you suggest. "Right now, we have a test to complete. But one thing's for certain: our dreams have opened a doorway to a realm of mysteries we can no longer ignore."

Written by - on 12 September 2023

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