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Reality Hopping star star star emptystar emptystar

In this story you can hop between realities following these rules:


No more then


These measurements are based on your home reality.


Your home reality is the one where you start your journey from.


When you hop to another reality you switch your mind with anybody who is there already.


If you hop to a different reality then your home reality from another reality then:


Reality 3 contains you.
Reality 2 contains the person from reality 3
Your home reality contains the person from reality 2


If someone dies then the person whose reality he/she home reality changes to that of the person who died. (Using the example above , if the person in your home reality dies your home reality becomes reality 2. If the person in reality 2 dies then the home reality of the person from reality 2 becomes

Written by Catprog on 22 August 2004

The Not-Quite-Earth star star star emptystar emptystar

You awaken in your normal bed, at the normal time, in the abnormal fashion of having 15,000 cubic meters of the Pacific ocean dumped on your front lawn, quite unexpectedly.


You must have missed the reality hop this time ...

Written by Jarrod on 04 November 2006

Toast for breakfast! star star star star emptystar

Heading down into the kitchen, leaving the oddness of the Pacific ocean, you add some bread to the toaster and almost have your fingers taken off as the toaster comes to life, mushing your untoasted bread to a thin paste, and making an awful grinding noise.


Maybe toast isn't the best idea at this point, in fact, any appliance that tries to eat you probably shouldn't be used for food preparation.

Written by Jarrod on 04 November 2006

Okay, not toast then... star star star star emptystar

Searching the freezer for leftovers, you find a half finished pizza in a box. That will do.
As you prepare to blast the frozen chunk with high power microwaves, you notice that the box says Transformation Pizza (tm). Well, if it's going to change into something it only has so much time before you cook and eat it. And if it's going to change you, at least it should change you into something that isn't hungry...

Written by Won-Tolla on 25 June 2007

The end (for now)
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