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Above ground, there's a roaring, screeching heat and dragons going nuts. As all the lovely lady kitsunes huddle around you and the few other males nearby, you take out your day planner and jot down "kitsune vs. dragons. Repealing crystals used, now weak. Rod of Revealing X's illusion spells.


Cause?" You also make notes of the awesome forest and, erm, how "well groomed" the lady kitsune are.


Finally, the dragons are heard no more. Only their jeers float back on the wind.


"Yah, take that you dadblam fox duck-spankers!


That's whatchoo get fer yer dadblam tricks and decepterin's! You'd better keep hidin' if you value yer furrrrrrr!"


You jot down "Alabama: dragons?"


A grumbling parade of kitsune emerge from the holes. The forest is burnt and steamrolled. A she-kitsune sighs.


"Every day they come, and every day we have to rebuild the forest. We spend so much time on it, we haven't the time for the fun we used to have."


"... But why?" you ask.


"A spoiled mage got the wool pulled over his eyes by one of us awhile ago," the kitsune replies. "It turns out he trades with some faraway town of Ascalon or something, and the gems he gets powers the Rod of Revealing. Most people tricked by us learn the lesson we teach and move on, but this one is vengeful. If only we had the time to tell him why we did what we did...


if only we could spare *some brave kitsune* that perhaps *hasn't had much experience with rebuilding this forest* to go and talk. Oh, if only there was such a brave, handsome he-kitsune..."



Written by Mr.Peaches on 18 July 2006

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