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With a repressed sigh, you fall into step once more behind the creature, and follow him out through
the easily ascending door, feeling a little weaker upon your legs than before, and a little as though
you had been napping for a long, long time. What did they do to me? Should I be more scared now,
or less? More, you gathered. This wasn’t going to get any better than it was, and you hated to think
what had happened already in the time that you had wasted playing along with whatever scheme
these creatures had in place.
Narrowing your eyes at the creature walking in front of you down the corridor – not unlike the one
that had led you to the room in which you had lain upon the chair – your eyes rest slowly upon the
strange weapon at its hip, and you try your best to formulate a plan.
When you come upon the next door on the side of the corridor, you realize that now is the time, and
that there is a chance that a better opportunity isn’t going to come again. So, with one last moment
of hesitation, you step forward, slap your hand upon the panel that opens the door, and as it moves
upwards, you lunge forward and shove the back of the fragile, thin creature as hard as you can –
sending it surging forward in a staggering motion towards the wall, and giving you just enough time
to dart down the side way on your new, unsure legs as it crumples to the floor, just as unsteady and
weak as its form might make it seem.
As you made your first few sprinting steps, you heard it call after you as it does its best to clamor to
its feet at speed. “Do not run. We do not want to hurt you.”
But you did. The fear pushed you onwards, the strain of the unknown and what you had already
experienced – all too much for you, all too much to understand, all too much bad to mean that any
good was yet to come. On you ran, hearing the door slide shut behind you with not a single sound
denoting any pursuit, taking several turns without looking back you or to your side, praying only
that you didn’t encounter any of the creature’s kind or any other undesirable obstacles before you
reached some place of safety.
However, there seemed to be no running from the inevitable, and after a long few minutes of heartpounding sprinting, there comes the now-familiar sound of a opening door just ahead around a turn,
and you grind to a hasty halt just by a grate in the wall. With your breath panting, you glance down
at the vent before proceeding to bend down and seize a hold of it, driven on by your fear and desire
not to be caught.
It was hard, and even though the claws on your hands came in handy to get some grip about the
edges of the plate, you found that all of your efforts came to no avail, even when you put the entire
weight of your body against it and pressed your feet hard into the ground. This one was secured on
quite hard, and you almost felt as though you would make no progress at all before finally – with
the biggest strain to your unfamiliar muscles that you could muster – there came a great, painful
sound of moulding metal, and the thing sprung off with enough force
Glancing over your shoulder up and down the way as you almost land on your rear from the recoil,
you quickly get to your feet, place the grate against the wall next to the hole that it left, and took a
deep breath before ducking down head first in.
It was claustrophobic from the very first moment, but you quickly scurried the rest of your form
inside, wincing as your ankle caught on the side of the entrance, hesitating only for the slightest of
moments to awkwardly read around behind yourself to half-heartedly pull the grate towards you in
an effort to conceal your entry before pressing on

Written by Doppelfoxx on 08 August 2022

The end (for now)

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