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In the grimly lit stuffy room you've found yourself in you stare blearily ahead towards the costumes. You reach towards them and feel their moist almost wet skin. Your fingers find the way to one of the creatures and you pull back the skin and hold it into the light. The fur is black brown and the eyes on the mask are a fierce shade of yellow with an almost menacing appearance behind its hollow empty gaze.


Holding onto the fur you feel it call to you the being of this costume wants to help you get out... It NEEDS to help you. You feel the intensity with which it beckons to you. As you hold it you feel an intense pressure pounding in your head, its like the force of this costumes being is almost overpowering you. What strength it has! What intense rage fills it! You quickly tear your self free of your clothes and dawn the costume.


The inside is slick and warm as though coated in blood, but pulls comfortably tight to your skin. You feel building anticipation as you get more of the costume on as though you subconsciously knew something was coming. Whether it is good or evil you don't know but you want it! You pull the suit over your left shoulder and then your right. Your hands then slowly and shakily reach for the mask. You quiver with anticipation and tremble with fear as you feel the mask draw closer to your face. Tendrils of darkness reach out from the grim headpiece and grab at your face. Too much of your being wants to drive on to stop now, so you thrust the mask on.


AS the skull like mask adheres to your face you feel tremendous energy flowing through and smell the faint odor of brimstone. Muscles pulse and sinews twist as your body wrenches about on the floor. Your bones cry out in agony, your organs cry out in pain, but your mind cries out in ecstasy. As soon as you regain feeling you rise to your feet. One clawed hand finds its way to your face. Slowly you realise the truth that your mind knew all along would happen... The suit and you are one.


You look yourself over and notice that the werewolf this costume was made from must have been female, because the two breast you had grown certainly were not from your anatomy... You discover you have grown to the height of 7 feet and your body was well layered with muscles. Looking at your feet you notice that they are instead paws with an extra bend in the leg. You grab up your shirt and pull it feeling a sense of modesty even though you are a seven foot tall monster.


Examining your claws you look at the doorway where you came in through... "time to put these to good use!" you say to yourself slashing at the wood. "I refuse to be in this cage any longer!"

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Illustrated by Chrysalis

Written by Raltaki on 08 March 2007

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