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"Anyway before you start your job. I recommend taking time to get used to the world. Their is a library on the other side of the park. If you want can you pick up a book for me?"


"Sure. Anything I need to know about it?"


He hands over a card. "Just show them this card."


She takes the card and heads out through the park. Seeing the other skunks she looks down to realize like them, she has no clothes on.


Gulping she moves forward, her chest getting stares from some of the younger males but most of them focus on their own business.


The librarian smiles as she comes in "Welcome to the library. I guess you are the new Ambassador?"


You nod.


"I am surprised , I was expecting a male." he says.


"I was..." she says blushing


"You choose to become a girl? I don't think I could choose that." he responses.


"Yeah... I don't exactly remember making the decision, along with the choice about the chest." you say pointing to the chest.


"I see, you got hit with the memory loss , well if you need someone to talk too. " he says "Here is your book by the way?"


"My book? I though I was picking up for the other guy."


"Nope," he says " he arranged for you to pick up a guide from here. Probably to get you into public"

Written by catprog on 01 June 2018

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