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Night came and went, dawn breaking over the world in gentle colors. You slowly open your beady black eyes, nose twitching as you sit up. Your body is still sore, if not more so from sleeping on the branch. A sigh passes your lips as you carefully get to your feet. If nothing else you’ve managed to survive the night.


Climbing down the tree you set about gathering a couple apples for your breakfast. There is definitely not going to be any work done on an empty stomach. You sit down to eat, ears perked up to catch the sound of things around you. The forest seems eerily quiet, save for your chewing. It makes you nervous.


You listen for a long while, yet still there is no birdsong, hardly even an insect buzzing in your ears. By this time you have finished eating, the unsettling feeling in your gut growing more and more. Something is definitely wrong... And it is more than just your current situation.


As you rise you catch movement out of the corner of your eye. What will you do?

Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 12 January 2016


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