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Everything goes black...


...And stays that way for a long time. There is no sound but your own heartbeat.


Or maybe not your own. There seem to be two of them.


As your (former) body undergoes the relatively normal transformation known as digestion, a quite different one is happening to the rest of you. You change from a single cell to multiple cells, then to a small wrinkled thing, and finally to a whole baby...


...A baby lion, to be specific, as you find out when you're born several months later. Of course, you don't know you're a lion yet. You only know your mother, a beautiful lioness who wears giraffe skin and smiles a lot. You don't even know what "lion" means.


You're a newborn cub; your life is just beginning. Any memories of a previous one are nothing more than half-forgotten dreams.

Written by Chrysalis on 06 April 2008

The Lion Cub

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