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You choose the red dress, as it stood out to you the most. The color of blood, though it adorned your body in beautifully tailored hues which clung to your body’s curves as if you were a true princess. The black and white stripes of your fur matched well with the bright red saturated colors of your outfit. After watching yourself in the mirror twirl around happily you rushed down to the ball, which had already begun it’s preparation. Sadly, your outfit had not matched the decor surrounding you. A pure white combination of banners and hanging wall decorations, you looked around feeling kind of taken aback by the bright colors of your dress as you felt like you didn’t fit in
Even your parents had made snarky comments about your clothing choices, even going to the point of getting you to change your clothes. You had refused multiple times, you were completely sure that the outfit choices were appropriate for the event. And shortly after when the ball began, all eyes were on you.
As the ballroom filled, your mind was constantly pondering the meaning of that note. You barely recognized the crashing of the windows as the invasion began. To your surprise it was the neighboring kingdom, who had prepared an attack on the night you all had least expected. The royal ballroom became filled with panic, but looking around you had noticed that you had blended in with the red colored hues of the neighboring kingdom.
Instead of hiding you decided to fall in with the crowd just to blend in, and by the time the massacre was over the enemies had barely noticed that you weren’t one of them.
“Okay boys time to head on home!”
“Right!” you said as the cacophony of cheering rose through the echoing chambers. You had quickly loaded onto the cart back and nobody had even noticed your invasion of their own. Before long you found yourself within the territories of the neighboring kingdom, and when you had returned to present your success to the king, you still had gone unnoticed.
“Wow I guess that’s what the letter meant” You thought to yourself, still traumatized, yet thankful for your sudden choice of clothing.
This was the first time you had entered the neighboring kingdom, but you had never realized how much more technologically advanced the lands were. You didn’t have a hard time making your new life, and with the tactical and historical knowledge you had built up over the weeks leading up to this, you had an easy time finding a job as a history teacher in their kingdom.
Still adorning the crimson colors of the kingdom’s banners, you taught several generations of younger children about the history behind every one of the five kingdoms, and following your time of service one day, you had finally gotten a long awaited promotion.
The principal of the university had called you over through the intercom, which had struck you to your core; thinking that you were in trouble, the smile which spread across your face was of pure happiness as you were presented with the new uniform of a senior professor. The thin fabrics of the clothing felt cool against your skin as you ran your dainty fingertips across it. Your blushing face looked up at the principle one last time thanking him as you took the outfit away.
Filing into the bathroom excitedly you realized this was now the end of your journey, finally remembering that you had yet another adventure awaiting you for the next day. You took one last look at yourself in the mirror as your eyes teared up slightly. Despite the fact of what had happened to your kingdom you realized that you had survived it, so the feeling of the fabric as you slipped the tight embrace around your limbs had felt even sweeter than before.
You close your eyes as you feel the transformation taking over your body. Then a white flash took up the darkness of your closed eyes before you faded away into your next transformation

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 May 2020

The end (for now)
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