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“We have some bad blood, but she never seen me like this before. I’d rather keep it that way for now. In the meantime, our first task is to get you better territory.”


He escorts you to the water bank on the far end of the savannah, just over the hill.


“get down!” Tal urges quietly, pulling you into the shrubbery. With a sharp claw extended you see his (mostly) humanoid hand. You don’t like the way he forces you, and would much rather do it yourself.


“lesson one:” Tal whispers as you see a herd of gazelles camping there, one of which is drinking from the river. “We are stealthy predators. Our strength comes with surprise. First, we observe, silently, we are looking for the weakest members of the herd – children; elders; and sick are all easy targets.


“sick?” you raise a brow.


“you can’t afford to be picky.” Tal whispers back. “anyway, if someone seems close enough that you can run up to it, go for it. If they see us, they’ll run, and so will you.”


The gazelle calves gather together around the mothers, the congregating herd is getting ready to rest for the night. “Mothers are also good, if you don’t get the mother you can still catch a child.

Written by PrinceZahn on 25 October 2017


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