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She was upon you fast, yet not fast enough this time, you had barrel rolled to the right, faking her out as she swooped low to the ground. This caused her rustling feathers to just barely graze past your fur as the loose dirt slid underneath your hooves. On one knee, you catch yourself, standing strong against your opponent, facing off directly against her.
The slender harpie stood on the ground just in front of you, turning her nimble body around quickly to face you, her teeth reared back in a terrefying snarl. Her jagged blackened teeth showed through receeded gums; it struck fear through your soul, though an image of Chiron flashed in your mind, giving you the strength to overcome this fear.
The monster hissed and slashed at the air in front of her to intimidate you as you rise to your feet, before closing in on your opponent in a powerful full-force charge. Your hooves beat heavily against the ground like thunder as you close in, ten meters, five, three, then one. Finally you strike with your sword, slashing just above her head, just slow enough for her to duck and avoid your blow. You watch the thin hairs of hear feathers floating through the air; remnants of what you had sliced from her body. You smirk.
In an instant you unleash a fury of attacks in her direction, striking at her small frame with both hands holding your heavy sword. Your muscles burn as you weild the heavy weapon, swaying it left to right as if you were chopping through vines.


The thick steel of your sword was raised high, faking her out from one side, yet striking from the other, causing her to fly directly through your blade.
The crowd screams as they watch the monster’s blood squirt onto the dusty ground in a long splash.
You knew what it meant to win, you could go back home, though after your short amount of time here, you figured there would be something missing. After having cultivated such an efficient routine and reputation, you had no reason to not remain. You were a celebrity now after all, and with Chiron by your side, you felt as if you could conquer the world. Thinking about the time you two shared almost seemed to take you out of the present; you could barely even hear the crowd’s roar, his voice ringing in the back of your head.
Hades approached you, handing you the mythical three headed wildcard transformation costume, for you to finally be transported out of the underworld, and on to the next adventure. 58His pale hands reached out to you, handing you the loose fabric. Its fur felt smooth and cool to your touch, you enjoyed the delicate yet durable design of the fur, feeling almost natural as the folded mass sat atop your outstretched hands.
You nod gratefully at the god, shooting him a smile as you begin to hold the costume close to your body. You can already feel the energy flowing through every thread of its being. The anticipation gripped your stomach like sharp talons as you stared gratefully at Hades's dark face. A deep sense of gratitude spread throughout your body at this man for granting you the new life you have the choice of living.

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 April 2020

Both Wear Costume
Both Stay with Chiron

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