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“Merciful?!” Yowls the former guide, “you’ve turned us into monsters, freaks!”


“Ah, you say that now, but you all have yet to see the extent of the gift I’ve given you.” Bast retorts with a knowing grin. “You all are now members of a special pride of lions, modeled after similar creations I made back in my time. I believe humans took to calling you all… sphinxes?”


Sure enough, each of the former poachers do indeed look like sphinxes. Their bodies are all lionlike with strong paws and sleek lion fur. Yet their heads are distinctly those of human females, save for their bright feline eyes and their lion ears atop their heads. The group look each other over, coming to terms with their bodies. You’re mesmerized by how easily she did this to them, you remember how minutes ago this was just a group of average humans. It makes sense given how your body changed so easily with her influence, but watching it happen to a group of people is something else all together.


“Wh-what do you have in store for us next?” Asks the one who used to be Jim, the youngest of the poachers.


“I’m glad you asked,” Bast remarks, clapping her hands together once more.


A lioness suddenly is lying in front of the former poachers. They recoil in shock, clambering to get away as far as their still foreign bodies can take them. However they quickly learn that the lioness has no interest in giving chase. Bast uses her magic to push the sphinxes closer as she begins to change the lioness as well.


The magnificent beast is slowly stretched and reshaped, her strong hind legs straightening out more and more into a digitigrade structure. Her torso grows broad and strong, almost human like in shape, her forelegs reshaping into arms. Within mere moments there is no longer a simple lioness standing before them, but an anthropomorphic lion! It looks around, confused for a moment, before its eyes widen. Bast has just gifted the lioness with intelligence on par with a human. It reaches up and rubs its head, looking down at its body in mystified wonder.


Written by Kolaghan on 27 August 2018

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