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s the gentle rays of the setting sun begin to filter through the hidden corners of your apartment, your body stirs from its slumber. You awaken with a sense of clarity, your mind still steeped in the memories of your human life yet knowing that those recollections are fleeting, like dreams slipping through your fingers. The more you try to hold onto them, the more they dissolve into the recesses of your mind, leaving only fragments and emotions in their wake.


You stretch your anthromorphic form, feeling the subtle shift of muscles beneath your fur. The night has arrived once more, a veil of darkness that wraps itself around the cyberpunk city. Your senses are alert, and as you move, the realization strikes you – you have no coins, no identification for your rat body, nothing that ties you to the world of employment or even basic transactions.


The weight of this realization bears down upon you, a stark reminder of the challenges you face in this new existence. The city's neon glow outside your window casts an eerie light on the situation. Despite the lack of a visible window in your tucked-away apartment, you somehow sense the sun setting, the transition from day to night marking the passage of time.


With determination etched on your features, you rise from your resting place. Your agile mind begins to navigate through the hidden pathways of the city, those mental maps you've been crafting as you explored its nooks and crannies. Your instincts guide you toward areas where discarded food might be found, where the excesses of this futuristic world are carelessly thrown away.


As you slip through the city's labyrinthine alleys, you rely on your heightened senses – the scents of discarded food that waft through the air, the soft rustling of wrappers in the breeze, and the distant clatter of machinery from the bustling streets. The neon lights overhead create a dance of shadows, guiding your path as you move with the grace of an anthromorphic rat.


Your pursuit leads you to an area where food vendors have closed up shop for the day, leaving behind a trail of leftovers and scraps. You find a treasure trove of discarded items – half-eaten sandwiches, containers of exotic cuisine, and fruits that have been deemed too imperfect to be sold. With nimble paws, you gather these remnants, savoring the flavors that dance across your tongue.


As you nibble on your impromptu meal, the city's symphony envelops you – the distant echoes of conversations, the hum of hovercars soaring overhead, and the subtle rhythm of your own heartbeat. Amidst this vibrant urban landscape, you find sustenance and survival in the most unexpected places.


The neon lights above continue to flicker, casting their vibrant glow on your surroundings. With each bite, you feel a sense of determination growing within you, a resolve to navigate this city's intricate pathways and uncover its hidden opportunities. The challenges you face may be great, but so is your adaptability and resilience.


The darkness of the night outside is a reminder of the mysteries that await, the secrets that have yet to be unraveled, and the endless possibilities that this cyberpunk world holds. As you continue to nourish yourself with the discarded remnants of another's excess, you know that your journey is far from over. With each morsel you acquire and each hidden path you traverse, you're stepping closer to carving a unique path in this vibrant, ever-evolving city, and in doing so, embracing the essence of what it means to be an anthromorphic rat in this world of neon lights and shadows.

Written by - on 21 August 2023

Both The Hacker

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