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Looking around you find absolutely no trace of civilization. While you look you feel a twang in the magic from one of your tails. Turning it you find it is coming from one direction.


Following it you eventually find a village of humans. Your mind then reminds you that kitsunes have the ability to disguise themselves. You think of doing so and you feel the magic flow from your tails over your body. In a nearby stream you see your reflection. if you did not know better you would say you were human but it is still female.


Now how are you going to find somewhere to live. You don't have any money and illusionary money would reveal yourself.
You head down to the village and look back over your shoulder at the forest and glance down to see your shadow. It is still a kitsune's shadow? As you look at it you hear "I have not seen you before. Not often you see a women traveling these days"


You look and see a farmer working in the fields behind a hedge.


"You wouldn't happen to know where I could get a cheap place to stay? I lost all my money"


He grins "You should be able to get at least a meal and a room at the tavern with a body like that"


You get directions from him and soon arrive at the front of the tavern

Written by catprog + Cryolu on 06 February 2012

The end (for now)

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