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The sun shines mercilessly from the sky, in your black fur you quickly get warm. You need shade and you're thirsty too. That's why you're walking to the right, because there's water splashing. After a while you reach the river bank, the water flows sluggishly and splashes over the stones on the shore.


You step to the shore and squat down. You try to draw the water with your hands and then drink. The water runs out of your hands too quickly, so you drop on your knees, lean on your hands and dip your snout into the water and want to drink. The water also flows through your nostrils, you scare up and can hardly breathe because there is water in your entire nose and throat. You spit and sneeze for some time. When you can breathe normally again, you think about how cats drink and notice your mistakes. Your tongue dips into the water and you lick the water into your muzzle. After a short time, you quenched your thirst. Apparently you still have a lot to learn, your body is different from that of a human being.


You can't cross the river, it seems deep and you don't want to swim. After you return to shore, shake the water off your paws. You're not comfortable with your wet paws.


You go on through the high grass along the river. Soon you'll reach the forest. You're getting hungry. The wind is blowing and you smell a roe deer near you. You look around and see it grazing at a distance. Carefully you sneak closer, you go low bent so that your body is more hidden by the high grass. Again and again you stop and look around, the roe deer hasn't noticed you yet and continues to graze carefree. Time passes very slowly, you are now at a distance that you think is sufficiently short for the last jump. Your body tenses, your muscles are tense to tear. You focus on the jump. You jump and land next to the roe deer, which jumps away in horror. But there's another cat in the grass, and he knocks down the roe deer and kills it before your eyes with a sure bite in the throat. It's a leopard that killed that roe deer.


He looks at you, his eyes are friendly, not hostile. You're not sure you can go to him. He sees how insecure you are, so he comes closer. You're slowly trying to pull back. He stops irritated and speaks to you "You seem to be new here. Your hunting methods tell me this because they still look very clumsy." You look at him in disbelief, but you answer him. "I've only been here a short time, and I've worn this fur for just as long. The body is new to me and I never learned to hunt." "Don't drink either, I saw you down by the river and I followed you. Then it's time you learned, or you'll starve to death here." The black fur covers very well the blush, which rises to your face, now you would like to sink in the ground.


Written by Siegmar on 25 June 2018

The end (for now)
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