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"Grifoness" says Daniel immediately. "Wait did I just say what I think I said?"
"Yes you did. We heard you" says Jake
"Well. I think we need to get you out of that suit right away. You are getting way into character " says David.
"How are we going to do that?"
"Let's go to my house. I should be able to cut a hole for you" says Jake.
The three of them sneak out of school and head to
Jake's house. The walk isn't very long but once they are through the door Daniel loses his balance and falls onto his hands.
"Wow! Are you alright?" asks David
"Fine. Just lost my footing is all"
"C'mon, let's get you out of that suit" says Jake.
He tries to stand up but falls forward again.
Jake gets the scissors out to try and cut the fabric but as he starts to cut it starts to bleed. At the same time a hawk like screech comes out of Daniel's mouth.
"Whoa! Hey Daniel stop that!"
Daniel stops screaming and Jake looks at the wound. Their is no trace of the suit or human skin. Only the golden fur of a lion.
"This is crazy," says Jake.
"What is going on?" asks Daniel.
"I think you are becoming the creature you are wearing" says Jake.
"But why? And where did it come from?"
"Whatever is happening, I don't think this will be easy to fix."
"It is worse then that" says David "remember what he said it was"
"Griffoness. As in a female"
"Oh hell no! I don't want to be a girl!"
"I don't think we can stop it. I think it has already begun. And we have already tried to remove it"
"Wait! You aren't serious? I'm a girl?"
"Not yet. But you will be most likely be a lioness soon"
"What do you mean 'soon'?"
"The transformation is only partially done. I can still see parts of the suit if I look closely enough. But they are fading quickly"
"When will it be complete?"
"We don't know."
"Damn it!"
Jake holds Daniel's arm while he cries. Although as he feels the change between HER hind legs, she knows the transformation is almost over.
"You'll be okay. Eventually it will all be over," Jake says.
"Can you remember anything about how this happened?"
"Yes. I fell through a portal into your world and you have been helping me adjust" she says.
Their eyes go wide. "That is not how it happened" they all said at the same time.
"What does that mean?" she asks.
"I don't know. I think if we ask you a question you answer as if you were the griffon" says Jake.
"But you remember what I was before right?" She asks
"You were a guy" Jake replies.
"So we all remember the truth, but it seems like everyone else doesn't?" Says David.
"Yes everyone but the five of you know the truth that I am a griffoness. " says Daniel before shaking her head "Why did you ask me a question?"
"I am sorry, it just slipped out" he says "But I think this question is better. How can you speak our language if you are not from around here?"
"I have studied your language since arriving. You deliberately asked me a question?" she says.
"Yes, we have just locked in that you can speak English. No matter what happens now you won't lose that"

Written by NovelAi on 24 April 2022

The end (for now)

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