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Try getting back to Pam's house? Anyone's house? emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Feeling secure in the idea of getting help from a nearby house or possible getting a ride to Pam's. Daniel could pull this whole looking like a dragon thing as a costume. Right? Yeah, Daniel nodded encouraging himself as he walked. The woods weren't as deep or the idea of getting far away from that base as possible; was making him faster. Daniel didn't know or care.


“A house!” Daniel whispered with fever as he saw flickering lights in a window. Daniel raced towards it, and came up to the door in record time. “Remember Daniel, your friends glued you in this costume and left you in the woods as a joke.” Daniel sent a silent apology to his friends he was blaming and knocked on the door.


“Coming!” A high pitch voice muffled from the closed-door. Daniel relaxed, all kids like cute little purple dragons, right?


“Who is it-” A girl, maybe five, Daniel didn't know much about kids; opened the door. Her eyes grew wide her eyes were all whites. Guess she was excited?


“Hi, could I borrow your-” Daniel couldn't finish, cut off by a piercing scream. That forced Daniel's hands over his ears. “I just!” Daniel tried shout over her. When the mother came rushing to the door, not to reassure her but to join her daughter's screams with her own. Despite her yelling she managed to drag her daughter away from the door.


“Back off you mutant alligator!” A slender man stumbled from the hall holding a shot-gun. Daniel started backing off, this was going south quickly.


“I'll just go...” Daniel had manged to deflect darts, knives and but nobody shot him at him. Daniel figured they wanted him alive. The same couldn't be said for this guy who pumped his raffle.


Daniel turned and ran. Daniel went flying landing flat on the ground. A bang and a bright burning pain in the back of his head cause him to let loose an inhuman roar. Finding he could still move despite the pain, Daniel tried to army crawl away, the world spun. He couldn't figure out which direction he was crawling. The pain. Hurt. It hurt. Daniel tasted the salt from his own tears, as they once again streamed down his face. Why? Why? Why couldn't he have remained human. Daniel soaked the ground with his tears. His pain ended with the next bang

Written by Psto1464 on 24 March 2019

The end (for now)
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