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The debate is a quick one, and you decide that this is enough of a change for one game. After all, you've changed your very gender and species, not to mention the fact that you'll have to get used to walking on four legs.


You tap the 'Finalize' button and watch as the sign begins to sink, its flat surface rotating until it rests parallel to the ground. It's become something of a small stool, and before you can so much as ask why, the air shimmers before it and a large pack drops onto the stool's surface.


"Huh. 'It's dangerous to go alone'." You quip, opening the pack to find that it seems to be a fairly standard adventurer's kit. You have light sources, bedding, rations, and even a couple of light daggers at the bottom of the pack. You pull the daggers out and remove the pack from the stool, only to watch as it shimmers once more, this time conjuring for you what looks to be a set of leather armor.


It's all pretty standard for a game, and you gratefully ake the rest of your starting gear, waving a farewell to the stool as it disappears. Then you blink in surprise, realizing that that stool was your sole way of affecting this game; leaving you with no idea on how to quit.
"Well, shoot."

Written by SketchySeraph on 14 March 2016

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