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You slip and fall into the water.


As you swim around, your legs feel funny. You look at them and realise why. They have joined together, along with your feet, now pointing outwards. As this happens, they go grey with a white patch on the front.


All the hair on your legs falls out, as they become smooth.


Your tail (as you'll may as well call it now) soon grows a dorsal fin.


Your fingers stretch and grow webbing between them as your arms shrink and change into flippers.


Meanwhile your skin is changing from the waist up.


Your head stretches like putty.


Your eyes move to the side of your head and your vision is mostly taken up by your grinning dolphin snout.


You suddenly feel uneasy in the shallow water.


As you look at yourself, you realise your now a dolphin.


You head out into deeper water.

Illustrated by Viviane Frost

Written by catprog on 01 April 2003

Both Swimming
Both Turn around and return to the beach
Both Changing again
Both There is then a tragic case of mistaken identity.
Both And Then You Healthily Freak Out