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Daniel frowned, but did so. He breathed in, sniffing at the wind. A scent stood above the smells of the grass and the trees around him; a scent he couldn’t put words to, but, it stuck out and it invaded his nose. It was sweet, almost like perfume. Floral perfume at that, he noted. Either way, it was strong, and very, very pleasant.


“What is that?” Daniel asked.


“That, my dear, is one like you: a human who has chosen to allow themselves to become the host to a fellow kitsune,” the kitsune said. “And I do believe they’re using their scent to call to you, since they’ve likely discovered your presence before you could theirs. Go on. Follow it and meet them. I’m sure it’s one who has more experience and could help you out, if not offer more.”


Daniel paused. “A-are you sure?”


“Positive,” the kitsune replied. “Trust me. Or, if not me, trust your instincts. If you feel there’s danger, then it would be dangerous. Your sixth sense is one you will come to rely on heavily, Daniel; it’s one of the gifts you now have gained thanks to me.”


Daniel thought for a few heartbeats, pondering this. He didn’t feel any sort of threat or sense of danger from the scent, and yet, he wasn’t entirely sure how he’d know these things anyways. But, his curiosity again won out in the end and he followed the scent, which indeed felt like it was calling to him. He only hoped what he found wasn’t something dangerous.

Written by Hollowpages on 16 September 2019


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