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The fur by now is clearly white with black stripes. Your hands have shrunk and acquired a clawed appendage. Your teeth feel weird in your mouth, and you realize with horror that they have moved and shifted into a mouth full of sharp teeth.
"A white tiger" the other tiger says looking over you. "You're the first of us to be white. Their are only a few tigers and all of them are the basic orange."
You try to say something but all that comes out is a growl.
"It takes a few days for speech to appear for us. Obviously that applies to human subjects as well."
You try to move your new body, and find you can barely move. You are weak, your body trembling as you try to stand.
"I had the same weakness when I first transformed." the other creature says, helping you up.
He leads you through the rest of the ship, introducing you to the rest of the animals. The other animals are, much like the tiger, anthropomorphic creatures. There is an insiders view of a large room full of bunk beds. The walls are white, the room is warm and inviting with big glass windows to look at the stars. As you stand, waiting for your eyes to adjust the feeling of change occurs again.The creatures look over to you "Are you ok?" one of them asks before you lie down on a bed, your body filled with pain.
You growl again, your frustration clear despite the lack of speech. "You'll be able to speak soon," the same one says. "Just wait twelve hours, that's when the changes to our vocal cords are done growing."
Your changes continue for another few hours.
Eventually your vocal cords reform and your manage to speak softly "I'm Rob." You say. "You are ?"
"We don't really have names. We still are animals and we did not have names before."
"Fair enough," you reply. "So what's happening to me?
"What do you mean? Your transformation should be done." "It feels like I am still changing" you say.
"That is not right. The vocal changes were always the last one for us. It must be different for human subjects"
"Why did you kidnap me then?"
"She kidnapped you, not us. You stumbled onto her lab." One of the creatures says angrily.
"We had to test it on humans at some point," she replies. "It's not our fault you stuck around when you should have run."
It takes you a while but eventually, you fall asleep.

Written by AIDungeon on 14 February 2021

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