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As you watch, in painless delight, long, silky fur begins to cover your hands, and on down your body. Your fingernails reshape into retractable claws, but your hands remain otherwise very human-like. The fur you are growing looks almost white, but in truth more like an extremely pale purple.


As more magic flows through you, your body becomes very sleek and shapely, covered in that fur. A feline-like tail that splits into two distinct ends grows from your rear. Your ears become long and pointed, like fox ears, the fur on the insides dark, contrasting with the light fur of their back. Your face pushes out into a short, cute muzzle. A reddish jewel seems to grow through the flesh and fur of your forehead, permanent jewelry. The fur of your cheeks grows long into two tapering tufts that extend out from your cheeks a bit. Finally, you take off your shoes, as your legs and feet alter to become digitigrade paws, with their own retractable claws.


Your long-time, unattainable dream has finally come to pass. You're an anthro Espeon, the Sun Pokemon, daylight evolution of Eevee, and one of the strongest Psychic types in the world. Your sensitive tail and whisker-like cheek tufts can sense currents and vibrations of air. Your jewel can focus your potent natural psychic abilities. Spinning gracefully on a paw, you smile.


You are then moved into the pokemon reality.

Written by Greyknight on 27 May 2007

The end (for now)

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