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The trainer shakes her head as the confused look you have when you take this job. “Trust me; it’s not what you think. The King and Queen are in a castle that’s patrolled by dozens of guards, surrounded by stone walls and magical wards that have held for centuries without being breached. The only enemy you’ll probably have to fight is your own boredom on this assignment. In all honesty, if you DO have to draw your sword in their defense during this job, we’re all in some pretty deep trouble.”


“This is more of an opportunity for them to get to know you while you demonstrate your ability to act professionally in the presence of the King and Queen and the audiences who come to see them. Sometimes it will be nobles from other lands, sometimes they’ll be representatives from the local guilds requesting aid or offering gifts, and sometimes it’ll be a citizen who’s been granted a chance to speak with them. They’ll have been checked for weapons and given anti-magic bracelets as an extra precaution, so unless the half dozen more experienced and trained knights they’ll be meeting first fail at their most basic duties, you should have an easy time. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the proper procedures you need to follow before you go in.”


You pay careful attention as she goes over what’s expected of you. The assignment does seem simple, but you repeat her directions repeatedly in your mind as she directs you to fully clean your armor before heading to the assignment. After all, you really don’t want to make a huge gaffe in front of the king and queen.

Written by LunaMoonstone on 14 October 2017

The end (for now)
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