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“What were you doing over here, anyway? This place is obviously dangerous. Why did you get near it?” David sounded out his question. “Unless of course, if it’s because you had intended to do this on purpose in the first place.”


“What? What nonsense is this? Not you, too! Besides, who was the one who wanted to go here in the first place?”


“It’s okay, Daniel, you don’t have to lie to us anymore. We know that you did this to yourself on purpose,” Pammy egged on, no longer caring if it was the truth or not.


“Yeah, you can also stay with mine or David’s place if you need to, right David?” Suddenly being asked by Gassan’s question made David jerked consciously.


“Ah, eh, y-eah, sure,” David responded back with a little bit of hesitation.


And while Daniel was glad that his friends were trying to console him, but he — now a she — still could not allow her feelings to ease back for still being thought of doing this to herself on purpose. He didn’t want to turn himself into a female, let alone a talking, two-legged unicorn. Why wouldn’t they believe in him? Though Daniel supposed things could have turned out to be worse, but still . . . .


And in this end, what should she do now?


Written by Stella Purple on 22 June 2017

Both Go with Jake
Both Go Home
Both Ask Pammy if she can stay with her instead.
Both Stay with Gassan
Both Go to David