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Deciding that this was simply too much adventure for one afternoon, you turn to the wizard after admiring yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. "Ummm sir?" You say in a low voice, your vocal cords new and husky despite your feminine body. "Is there anything you have that will change me back to the person I was?"


"Oh no! You don't like it?" He said, disappointedly. "Hmmm well, let me check. I do not think I have anything like that off hand, I can change you back to a human rather easily but it will take some time to brew another potion that would turn you back to human." He says.


You again swallow hard, there is no way you can go back home like this, you think to yourself, what will your girlfriend think? What will anyone at school think?


The wizard pauses and asks, "I dont suppose you have anything I can use from your prior self, maybe a haircut or hairbrush that I can use for the potion?"


You think for a second and remember that you might have a hair or two stuck in your hairbrush at home. You never kept your hair long as a man but there still might be something caught up in there.


You whine instinctively and tell the wizard, "I might have some at home, I will have to go home and get it and then come back." The wizard nods and says, "Well I can't start until you bring me something I can use back."


You turn on your padded feet and practically run out of the store leaving your shoes behind. The wizard tsks and sets them to the side as you hit the door at a run.


Written by crunchynachoes on 24 November 2018

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