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“Never!” shouted a voice behind him! He spun, swinging his hammer. The wind whistled with its passing, but no enemy did it strike. Now overbalanced, he tried to recover but a sharp blow on his side sent him reeling backwards.


Looking down he saw a large gash bleeding blue. Blagr take it! This wasn’t going to work, he would get mauled before coming to grips! Swooping down on the girl, he lifted her up and held her frightened visage a short distance away. He was surprised when no blow fell on him, then he heard a thump and knew his final warrior had fallen.


“Here!” he shouted. “Catch!”


With all the strength he could muster he threw the girl in the direction of the sound, then bolted. He felt the tense moments pass until he was safely under the welcoming shadows of the dark forest. He paused to look back only a second, seeing the attacker clearly for the first time. He grunted; it seemed such a little thing! He was well muscled, though, and incredibly fast. This foe would take some thinking to beat.


He turned in the direction of home and started a steady walk. He wasn’t sure if any of his men would catch up to him or not, but he would deal with that when it happened. Until then, he needed to plan his strategy for the next meeting with the speed devil.


Paul looked back at the swaying bushes that marked the path where the large creature calling himself “Dull Knife” had gone. Grateful that he had apparently decided not to stick around, Paul turned his attention to the woman laying stunned on the ground before him.

Written by Snore23 on 06 June 2017

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