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You decide to set off as soon as your training's done. It might take you seven days just to find a costume, for all you know, and you're starting to get bored at the camp.


You've had time to get used to your new body by now. Hopping seems far more natural than walking; you watch the non-roo members of the camp plodding along and wonder how they can stand it. You've learned how to balance on your tail and live on a diet of vegetables. (Why did you ever eat meat? Yuck.) Being a kangaroo seems natural. It's getting hard to remember what it was like to be human.


In their spare time, other people at the camp have taught you about exploring the mists. An otter explained how to navigate through the strange landscape, though you haven't actually tried it yet. A mare gave you advice on foraging. Practically everyone in the camp talks about fighting; it's impossible not to pick up information on that. You're ready to go.


You pack enough supplies for several weeks - who knows how long you'll be out there? Now that you're an herbivore, it should be easy to find food, so you don't pack much of that. You limit your supplies to a small sword and what can fit in a backpack. If you run into something nasty in the mists, you don't want to be too heavily loaded to fight. The things you'll need to get at quickly - a compass, a lamp, pencil and paper, and a small knife in a leather sheath - you put in your pouch. You're glad that you <span class="female">stayed</span> female when you put on the costume, if only for the free pocket. Kangaroos can't really wear pants.


You say goodbye to the friends you've made; they wish you luck, and you set off into the mists.

Written by Chrysalis on 21 November 2008


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