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It's dark even though it's morning. The home fire's light dances in the wind outside your doorway.


You spend the day carving out your fireplace in the center of your main cave chamber. It's a beautiful black flint fire basket.


You slide some iron bars through the holes in the side of the basket and get a fire going. It feels so good to have a fire in your own cave.


You bring your bedroll inside your cave and set to work finishing the rest of your new home. It's very late when you finish the holes for your door to set in.


You spread your furs out in your freshly carved bed and lay down. You grunt a bit at the still hard feel. You'll need to pile some straw under your furs before it's really comfortable.


It's much warmer in your own home. You bring in some mead and throw some meat on the fire.


You think about all the things you need to do to fill in your new home as you eat. Your head is spinning with ideas as you drift off to sleep. It's much easier to fall asleep without the wind and cold biting at you.


Written by SkyBrigidRain on 14 September 2017

A finished cave

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