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An exciting new theme park called “World of Change” has opened near you, promising a “life-changing experience”. Initial reviews have been through the roof... and best of all, admission is super-cheap! You decide to go there and see what all the fuss is about. You arrive at the park close to its opening, planning to spend a full day there if possible. Crowds of people fill the entrance and mill about, but the sheer size of the place gives plenty of room to move about and explore. There are 4 lands to explore: Pharaoh Land, an egypt-inspired area with a massive walk-through pyramid-themed funhouse; Mystic Waters, an ocean-themed waterpark; Hidden Mountain, a Japanese-inspired fantasy village at the base of a Fuji-like mountain; and lastly, the Jungle Gym, a massive playground and maze overgrown with tall trees and vines.


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Written by CoggerD on 02 October 2023

Pharaoh Land
Mystic Waters
Hidden Mountain
Jungle Gym

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