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As you step through the creaky door, you're met with an unexpected sight. The room is filled with an array of colorful and meticulously crafted costumes, each one resembling a different female land animal. Zebra stripes, leopard spots, and even the elegant antlers of a deer adorn the outfits that hang neatly on the walls. Confusion swirls within you, but your curiosity pushes you to examine them further.


Your fingers trace the soft fabric of a zebra's costume, your mind whirling with questions. What is this place? Who would have such a peculiar collection? Without realizing it, you've drifted toward the back of the room, where a stunningly detailed rhinoceros costume stands. It's as if it's calling out to you, a magnetic pull you can't resist.


Your gaze lands on a particularly detailed rhinoceros costume tucked away in the corner. The lifelike texture of the "skin" and the intricately designed horn captivates you, even as your mind protests against the strange idea forming in your head. You can't deny the magnetic pull, the inexplicable curiosity that whispers, "Try it on."


But the notion of putting on a female rhinoceros costume feels absurd and uncomfortable. With a sigh, you shake your head, dismissing the idea. You begin to turn away, determined to exit the room and put this bizarre experience behind you. However, just as you're about to leave, something tugs at your thoughts. What harm could it really do to try it on, just for a moment? It's not like anything magical or strange would happen, right?


Despite your reservations, you find yourself reaching for the rhinoceros costume almost involuntarily. The fabric is soft against your fingers, and you can't help but feel a tinge of excitement mixed with apprehension. Steeling yourself, you step into the costume, the unfamiliar sensation of the material against your skin sending shivers down your spine. The fabric clings to your skin, its texture foreign and oddly invigorating. It's as if the costume itself carries a secret energy, one that begins to ripple through your body as you adjust the fit.


At first, you dismiss the sensation as mere excitement mixed with the lingering unease of trying on an unfamiliar outfit. But as seconds pass, the room around you seems to blur and waver. Colors merge, and the air itself hums with an electric energy. A strange tingling sensation spreads from the tips of your fingers to the soles of your feet, causing your muscles to twitch involuntarily.


Through the blur of colors and the rush of sensations, you catch glimpses of your hands transforming into massive hooves, your arms lengthening into sturdy limbs, and your torso thickening with newfound strength. Your spine arches, adjusting to a different posture, and a peculiar weight settles on your forehead – the unmistakable sensation of a horn growing from your brow.


Your breath quickens, heart racing in your chest as the room appears to twist and distort. It's as if reality itself is bending to accommodate some unseen force. Panic begins to bubble up, a knot forming in your stomach as your mind grapples with the impossible. You want to scream, to demand that this madness stop, but before you can find your voice, a surge of warmth envelops you. Your chest seems to soften, your hips widening subtly, and a peculiar sensation tugs at your senses. It's an unfamiliar sensation, one that stirs up a mix of emotions – curiosity, confusion, and even a hint of vulnerability.


As you take your first steps in this newly formed body, you feel a subtle shift in the way you carry yourself. Your movements hold a certain grace, a fluidity that comes naturally. The power that courses through your muscles is now interwoven with a newfound sense of femininity. You're a female anthropomorphic rhinoceros, and while the thought feels strange and unexpected, it's also undeniably a part of who you are now.


And as you gaze out at the horizon, where fellow anthropomorphic rhinoceroses move with a graceful power, you can't help but wonder what other marvels and mysteries await you in this new form and new world.

Written by - on 11 August 2023

The end (for now)

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