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"Don´t call me that."
"What, your name?"
"Just don´t, ok?"
"Jeez, ok... Grumpy much? Anyway, are you ready for our camping trip? Don´t forget it´s the day after tomorrow. My parents would kill me if we have to reschedule again!"
"Yeah, sure the camping trip..." Came Daniel as he started to remember the plans he had made with his friends about a week ago.
Nobody really liked camping, but it was the first time their parents allowed them to take a trip by themselves. They would borrow Jake´s pickup truck and camp by the forest in the outskirts of the city. And, of course, they would get enough booze to shame a frat-party.
"My mom got us enough bug spray to sanitize a homeless person..." Said Daniel jokingly. It was actually the first time he had cracked a joke since his transformation.
"Sanitize a homeless pe- what´s up with you Danny, you seem even grittier than usual." Came Jake while grinning.
"Nothing, I´m alright."
"Well, you know what would make you alright-er?" Jake´s grin intensified.
"Got something for me, Jake?"
"I wouldn´t ever visit a lady empty-handed!"
Jake´s remark was a little off-putting. Daniel was still getting used to his new body, and being treated like a woman was still quite awkward for him. However, he knew exactly what Jake was talking about.
"Where did you get these from?"
"I stole them from my brother. It´s supposed to be the good shit."
"That´s fucking brilliant, mate!"
"Don´t do that Danny... your British accent sucks balls."
"Just open the window and light it up, and try not to be a dick while you do it."
"Jeez, chill sister!"
Daniel laughed and reached for a hoodie. He even forgot about the whole tigress situation for a second, it was as if everything had gone back to normal. He was about to smoke a joint with his best friend by the window, and talk shit and then eat junk food. Jake was the same laidback duffus he had always been, and Daniel, even if it was only for a moment, was just Daniel.
They lighted one up and started talking about some anime they had both been watching. However, a couple of hits later, Daniel decided it was about time to ask someone about his condition.
"Jake... do you remember when we played Truth or Dare at Pam´s house yesterday?"
"Yeah, you were being a total bitch."
"... so, do you remember anything strange happening?"
"Yeah, you were being a total bitch." Jake laughed.
"Come on, I mean it."
"Well, you came in late, got mad for some reason and left. I was about to go after you but Pam told me to give you some space. Girl things I guess..."

Written by crimsonstar on 27 February 2016


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