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You spend all of your money away, but you can tell that this will be a good investing for the long term run. It’s already evening out, so you return to the tavern for some nice warm meal and a good night’s sleep. The next day, you wake up and spend almost the entire day foraging and gathering resources from the deep forest, carrying an unimaginable amount of stuff back with you.


You discover that this rucksack actually works just like how it is in RPG games in your original world. This means you can stack multiple items inside one single slot at once, which no amount of limit, as far as you can tell. How convenient! Now you definitely know that this is a good investment.


Your rucksack is not even full yet when you can feel tiredness seeping into your body. It is certainly complex trying to move about with this body, but you soon discover that you can replenish some of your energy by consuming some of the things you found, such as the apple and carrot root, as logic naturally be. You’re not sure if the mushrooms are safe enough to eat, so you leave it be.


But eventually, even after you keep eating those food, your strength eventually declines, forcing you to return back and and get some rest. You can sell the items you’ve gather tomorrow.


Written by Stella Purple on 27 July 2018

Massive Foraging

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