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“I can keep you company.” You offer him. He grips your chin and drops your neck. Your knees slid off his lap making you stretch across his knees for a semi-balance.


“Have had this before too.” His words breeze through your facial fur. A real and very scary threat carried on its wind.


“I meant the friendship kind.” You add thinking on your feet, or in this cause on your knees.


“You know, someone to keep you company, help with the customers.” You think back to your own entrance.


“I would be very helpful with your male customers.” A female lion, in their mind a naked female. You sure you would take on a lot of attention.


“Heard it before.” He twists you jaw forcing you higher. Your back arching to keep balance.


“But, we could make it a game?” You ask, his brow lifts. You at least have his attention. “Points to you, gets me in your care for life. For whatever.”


“What do you get?” He asked his voice rolling, and his eyes lighting to a normal shade.


“A way home.” You tell him, and he lowers you to be level with his face. “There can be mini prizes along the way. That should be fun, right?” You ask him, and he nods.


“Agreed. It should be different if nothing else.” He grasps you by the waist and pulls you closer.


“But right kind of prize would I want from you along the way?” Keeping your grimace to inside you. Slam your lips over his in the only offer you could think a guy would want. He was fast to accept it with all his been done talk before. A tongue sweeping along yours. Made your hips wiggle with more than the disgust you though you would have. Moaning he lets your lips go.


“It's a deal.” He smiles palming your large breast with his equality large hands. He laughs, “One more to sign the deal. Welcome to my park.” He steals your lips and your sanity.

Written by psto1464 on 24 May 2020

The end (for now)
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