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You carefully navigate the rafters above the Inner Garden, avoiding any loose boards or creaky spots that might give away your presence. The soft sound of the waterfall below provides some cover, but you know that any sudden noise could alert the meditating Yeomen or the hidden student in the rafters.


As you move silently across the rafters, you spot a patch of darkness near the skylight that could serve as a potential entry point. It's a risky move, but you decide to descend through the skylight into the Inner Garden, using the shadows to your advantage. Taking a deep breath, you make your way down, keeping an eye on Yeomen and the hanging student.


Upon landing, you immediately crouch and move behind a large, leafy plant. The raked stones beneath your feet make a soft crunching sound, but the constant noise of the waterfall helps muffle it. Yeomen remains deep in meditation, seemingly undisturbed.


With the skylight behind you, you're able to spot the hanging student more clearly. It's Akiko, a skilled climber known for her agility. She's suspended from a rope, her eyes scanning the room below. You know you have to be careful not to cast a shadow or make any sudden movements that might catch her attention.


Planning your route carefully, you start to traverse the Inner Garden, sticking to the sides and using the foliage for cover. The sound of the waterfall provides some auditory cover, and you move with deliberate precision.


As you approach the stairs leading to the basement, you encounter a new challenge. A thin wire is stretched across the pathway, cleverly hidden at ankle height. This is the work of Shiro, a fellow student known for his intricate traps. You're grateful for your training as you carefully step over the wire, avoiding any unnecessary contact.


Finally, you reach the stairs and descend to the basement level. The air feels cooler down here, and the dim lighting adds to the mysterious atmosphere. The basement is a labyrinth of hidden passages and secret chambers, but you've explored it extensively during your training.


Remembering the rumors about Tobuo's secret storage room, you begin your search. The faint glow of a hidden lantern guides your way as you navigate the twists and turns. You come across a door with a subtle engraving – a small lotus flower. This must be it.

Written by - on 01 February 2024

Both Kangaroo

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