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You’re hit with a spell of dizziness before your world turns black as you lose consciousness.


When you come to, the first thing you notice is the chilled, damp air surrounding you. Your vision is still hazy as you look around in the darkness, and as your eyes adjust and you notice you seem to be surrounded by rock. You realize you’re staring at the ceiling of a cave when you finally register the cold stone from your feet to the back of your head. You try and sit up and as you do, a sharp pain shoots through your spine, causing you to take a sharp intake of breath.


“Not too quickly. Your body suffered quite a bit of damage in your fall.” You hear a deep voice call from behind you.
Before you can turn to look for the owner of the voice, a figure walks into your view. He is an elderly wolf, which you can easily tell by his grayed fur and the hunched way he walks. When he turns towards you, his wrinkled wolfish face affirms your thoughts on his age.


“How are you feeling?” He asks, making you realize you were staring at him.


You quickly look away, taking this opportunity to look around you. Now that your eyes are adjusting to the small amount of light, you realize you are in a particularly small section of a cave, and that the floor in some parts is covered in plush looking leaves. It looks as though there are shelves cut out of the stone and there are various plants filling those spots. Out of the corner of your eye you notice what looks like a small hole leading to the outside of the cave, providing the dim light to the cave.


You look at the elderly wolf before you and think about the choices you have. The old wolf doesn’t look like he would be able to catch you very easily if you decided to make a run for it, but you are injured, not to mention, who knows where that opening leads. Or you can risk staying, not knowing what he wants from you.

Written by Pandachannnnn on 07 January 2017

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