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You travel past many trees and they all look alike. However, the deeper you go the more you swear you can hear something in the distance. It takes a while for you to understand your sensitive ears are picking up the sound of water. Your ears are still human in shape, but they are tender with ability. You can't believe your good fortune and you test a run toward the sound.


Your gallop lasts only a moment before a gruff voice causes you to stumble to a stop.


"I said hold it right there!" The voice growls out and you can tell it is getting closer.


"Okay!" You sit down on your butt, tail curling around your legs as you look to and fro. You expect to see some mighty beast, but instead you glance down at the sound of snorting to see a very angry pig-type beast. It looks very much like a piglet, but with a red face and jewels built into its forehead.


It squints up at you, grunts once territorially, then speaks. "This is my land you're traipsing through! You think because you're big you can do as you please?"


It seems angry and you feel a little guilty. "No. I didn't realize it was yours. Sorry. I'm just passing through."


"No one passes!" The pig squeals and you stumble back. It may be small, but it sounds vicious and you fear it may have magic of its own.


"Please? I have to get to beyond the river," you explain.


"No! No one passes! Not without toll," grunts the pig.




"Toll! Payment! You give something to me!" The pig bounces when it speaks.


You sigh heavily. Splendid, you think, more quests. "Like what?"


The pig considers, then says, "A ride. Fly me about! Then I'll let you pass!"


"I-I don't know how," you stutter. It's true that you don't know a thing about it. If you knew how to make your wings work, surely flying to the clearing would be simpler.


"Then no deal! Back to where you came from!" The pig starts to nudge you with its nose, pushing you like dirt. It's surprisingly strong and you feel yourself sliding back toward the main portion of forest.

Written by on 29 March 2019

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