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“If you rest, I’m sure you can think a lot clearer.” Gasson added, raising his hands in front of his chest as if surrendering, as he took another step toward his unsettled friend. In response, Daniel visibly tensed up, looking as though he was about to get off of the bed - seeing this, Gasson lowered his hands and stepped back. Once Gasson was no longer uncomfortably close to him, Daniel noticeably relaxed with a quiet sigh, resting his shaky hands back on his knees. “Just..just leave me alone. All of you..get out. Now.” Daniel finally mustered the courage to speak up, his voice surprisingly firm as his hardening gaze now locked on Gasson and the others in the room. His companions glanced around at one another for a moment, debating as to whether or not they ought to listen to the simple request or not. “Please.” Daniel couldn’t help but add quietly, his voice growing quiet as his eyes drifted from Gasson to the others. He could only hope that they’d listen; he didn’t care if they even wandered around his house, he just wanted them out of his room so he could think by himself. After a few long, and admittedly anxious moments on Daniel’s end, Gasson straightened up and beckoned to the others, already turning and making his way to the door of the room. One by one his companions followed, filing out and quietly shutting the door behind them - leaving Daniel for with much needed alone time.
Only when he finally had this moment to himself did Daniel lay down on the soft bed with a fairly troubled, heavy sigh. Now he could think, and make himself the focus. He hesitated for a second or two before he let his eyes flicker closed, keeping his vision cloaked in darkness for a good long while. The wait was agonizing, but eventually, Daniel found himself jolting as a memory, one of many that had attacked him mercilessly earlier, crept its way into his mind.


Daniel pictured a wide and beautiful open sea, the frothy waves lapping at the sandy shore, eroding away grain by grain as it both brought and pulled back pieces of shells with it, tiny gifts from the sea to the unsteady land it brushed against. He had been there before; there was a local beach here in his hometown, and Daniel could recall going there as a young child. Yes, he remembered this place, surprisingly well too - but why hadn’t this beach come to mind before? It didn’t take long until he was launched into the first person perspective of the himself; but smaller, younger - surely a toddler - waddling about on the sands. But, he wasn’t alone for long. As the memory rushed back to him, Daniel felt the throbbing pain in his head once more, but gritted his teeth through it all, unwilling to let the pain stop him from remembering all over again. There had been a woman with him that day on the beach; a pretty one, with fair skin and ginger hair, along with freckles marking her soft, glowing cheeks. Daniel recalled her sweet smile - oh, he knew this woman. This was his mother, Selene; his father had told him that she’d divorced him long ago, and his friends had been the ones to assure him regarding it. He saw the woman lean down, even felt the kiss she planted on his forehead, whispering unknown, but rather soothing Gaelic words into his ear. All this time, he hadn’t remembered this moment with his own mother…? As quickly as the lovely memory of Daniel and his mother had come, it faded, slinking away from his mind with the pleasant tease of its presence.

Written by monochromecheshire on 31 March 2017

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