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“I’m just upset at that presentation.”
“I can assume so.”
“What do I do now?” you asked him.
“What do you feel like doing?” you took a moment to think about your response.
“I don’t know.” you said sadly. He patted you on the shoulder to give you comfort.
“You really invested a lot into your project, I can imagine the people weren’t too happy about the end result.”
“Yeah I know. I just don’t know what to do from here.”
“Maybe their anger is just due to misunderstanding.” He said, this caused you to think a bit more.
“Misunderstanding?” you were still confused about what to do next. “Maybe they just wanted to benefit from it in the end.”
“That’s very thoughtful of you.” he responded. “Maybe there is a way you can compensate them?”
“I see. But how?” you spent the night pondering ideas with him, and by the end of it, you two came up with a comprehensive plan to make up for the little failure.
The weeks upcoming you were sent back to your lab to work on executing your new plan, and by the end of the month you were able to figure out a way to benefit your people with the invention you already invested in. One day, your father dropped in on your workspace for an update.
“How are things going princess?” His assertive voice broke your concentration as you worked.
“Welcome back father! Things are going quite well.”
“Let me know what you’re up to!” he reassured you.
“I’ve found a way to speed up the supply chain when using this technology. We can easily use it for mass transportation.”
“That sounds like a good idea.” you took a minute to show him your newly remodeled invention. The size of the vehicle nearly tripled, and you figured out a way to increase its load.
“I like what you’ve done here. This technology can revolutionize the way we move around our wares, for not just this kingdom, but all the others as well!”
His reassurance made you feel warm inside, and with his help you were able to mass produce the machinery, and distribute it across the kingdoms. Your people were surprisingly happy, as now they were able to get their goods way quicker than before. Before you knew it, you had become a household name in the industry, your work was now one of the staples of every kingdom, and you were rewarded heavily from your time invested.
One day, a mysterious cargo vehicle showed up at your door.
“What’s this?” You asked yourself aloud. “This wasn’t scheduled for arrival.” you continued. When you opened the enormous load, you realized it was a delivery of fine clothing and wares. You were absolutely elated!
The rest of the day was spent sifting through the fine furs and materials; your excitement knew no bounds. One piece of clothing caught your eye in particular. It was a sparkling silken costume, and your mind remembered what you had originally come for. It was the next costume in your adventure. You took the fine clothing back up to your room to try it on, and your heart beat in excitement as your mind raced with the endless possibilities ahead of you.

Written by Driftingdragon on 23 October 2020

The end (for now)
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