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In a room star star star star halfstar


The sign reads

"Welcome all new travellers.


To continue you must go through a series of doors.


After going through you will pick a costume. You will then become a half- human and half that creature.


After a week(100 mins a hour,20 hrs a day,10 days a week) has passed you may morph and get another costume. To start of with you will only be able to become 40% human to 60% human.


If you put on a costume you will then become that creature, be teleported to it's home town and have to wait a week before being able to morph.


After 50 costumes you may change into one of your other costumes and become 30% to 70% human. When changing costumes you must wait at least an hour before you can change costumes again.


100 different species/gender costumes allows you to gender-morph and become 20% to 80% human


200 different species costumes allows you to combine costumes and become 10% to 90% human


400 different species costumes allows you to return to your world with no more morphing


And 800 different species costumes makes a polymorph and allows you to morph outside of this world.


Also if you have a costume like a centaur then the human part will always be human and is counted towards the human percentage.


Any gender/species transformation magic of yours can only change your gender(if you have at least 100 costumes) and the animal part to a different animal.


When you change into a different costume (that you already have) you may teleport to that species home town but you will have the week penalty where you have no costume changes.


If you die while wearing a costume you will be reborn at the local inn (or appropriate location ). If you have more then 100 costumes you will lose the costume you had when you died and go to an appropriate place for your next costume.


If you fail to make it out in 100 years(100 weeks in a year) one of your possible forms will be chosen and you will be permanently stuck in that form(apart from magic) until you die. Also there will be no possibility of going back to your world.


Also, one final note: should you take a female form and become pregnant, you won't be able to change your gender until the child is born, though the other aspects of your form may change (the child will change to match.) That is all, and good luck!

You realise that you have to do what the sign said to do and go through the doors and grab a costume.


Alternatively you could use the key system to determine the room


Please type in a number 1 - 18


Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:


Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Normal Land star star halfstar emptystar emptystar


You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are two more doors however and both of them have a sign on them saying


Costume room for
Element: Land
Type: Normal
Gender: ????


So which door do you want

Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Female Normal Land star star halfstar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.<P/>There are five costumes in this room, all of them female, all of them are normal land creatures.


  • Snake
  • <li><span class="female">Wolf</span></li>

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Kangaroo star star star emptystar emptystar

You notice a furry pouch and stick it to your body.


Suddenly the fur expands and quickly covers your body replacing your clothes.


You look down remembering this was the female room and thus down there has changed.


You feel your new tail stretch out as your legs reshape into the powerful legs of your new form.


You feel your ears go pointed.


You feel a change up in the chest area as it grows to a decent size.


You feel your inside turn to liquid and reshape and you are done.

Illustrated by dragon-storm

Written by catprog on 18 December 2007

Hop, Skip, and a Jump emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

When the transformation is complete, you blink a few times before another door manifests in front of you. You try to walk toward it, but, you find that being in the body of a kangaroo makes walking feel almost awkward, not to mention the shape of your legs and new body make it a little difficult to attempt - you remind yourself that kangaroos don’t ‘walk,’ they hop.


‘Right,’ you think to yourself. ‘I don’t have full human legs anymore, which means…’


You look down and give a sigh, knowing that you’re pretty much going to have to start moving by jumping around instead of walking or running. So, you try to hop.


Your first attempt at a hop is humorous to envision watching, mainly because it feels so strange to you to move via bouncing. In fact, you move so strangely, you almost trip over yourself and end up bonking into the door. You teeter back, mildly dazed, but, you manage to shrug this off. You sigh, knowing you’ll need to adjust to this quickly to avoid making a fool of yourself.


‘And of course it had to be a female kangaroo form,’ you muse. You’re not super bothered by it, but, at the same time, the pouch isn’t exactly something you’re used to having attached to your midsection. ‘Couldn’t be a male one. Or, heck, couldn’t be something that walks around normally. Nope. Kangaroo.’


You shake this off and grab the door knob, then turn it.


To your astonishment, the door opens up to a vast land that is lush and fertile, and not at all like where you just came from. You force yourself to hop out of it and find this hop is a bit smoother than the previous - and after a few more hops, you feel like you’re getting the hang of moving that way.


Then, you stop.


First, you turn back to find that the door has shut, and, it fades into the background completely, leaving you in this new wild area to yourself.


Then, however, you look around, and you take in the sights more clearly.


You’ve ended up in a teeming forest environment, filled with towering trees stretching on and up toward the sky, and smooth, flat grassland with several hills at either side of you. In the distance, you can see mountains looming, while you turn to look back over your shoulder to find that there is a lakebed not far behind where you stand. The air is warm, with a faint breeze, and the sky above is clear, allowing the sun to beam down freely.


‘Is this… Australia?’ you wonder.


You’ve never been to Australia before, so you can’t say for certain.


The sign mentioned taking you to the respective creature’s habitat, and since it’s not like kangaroos are naturally found in the United States or somewhere common like that, it makes the most sense that you’ve ended up in Australia.


But for now, you shrug this off, and you decide you want to explore the area you’ve wound up in to see what may be around, and if there are any others like you in similar costumes - you’ve got a lot of time to kill in this body-changing costume, after all, and there’s no sense in spending that time staring off into space.


‘Besides,’ you think. ‘I still need food, water… gotta figure out where all that is so I don’t end up dying and getting stuck in some random costume.’


You begin to bounce forward, moving at a slow pace as you adjust to the motions proper; it’s still strange to you, the sensation of moving with both legs in unison by hopping, and it feels like the tail you’ve sprouted is acting like a sort of… guide, almost, to keep your body balanced. But you do feel more and more comfortable with it as every second goes by, and every bounce is performed.


‘Kangaroos do have superhuman legs, after all,’ you muse to yourself.


While you hop about, you end up going deeper into the forest. The trees are thick and large and numerous, but they offer a great deal of shade to you, as you stop feeling the sun’s frequent heat baring down on your body once you’ve gotten further into the thicket.


‘The air feels almost cooler here, too,’ you muse. You can feel it brush against your fur and the parts of you that don’t have fur. It feels quite nice, and is soothing to you. It carries with it the smells of the trees and grass.


‘Interesting…’ You breathe in deep, soaking in the atmosphere and the scents. Your nose seems to be a bit stronger than it was when you were a human, since you feel you can pick up some rather faint scents like the woodsy aroma wafting in the breeze. ‘This whole place is like something out of a fantasy book.’


You mostly spend this time moving slow and glancing about, checking the area for any other signs of life. You don’t know if this is actually the real Australia, or, if you’ve wound up in some weird dimension or whatever. You do concede that you wouldn’t be surprised since, well, you’re in a female kangaroo’s body right now, with a pouch and a tail and all that. Who knows what could be going on.


In terms of actual wildlife? You hear… something. You think.


You halt your bouncing and perk your ears up. Your ears are bigger and considerably stronger than they were before, of this you are certain, so you pick up a better concentration of sounds as you turn your head to and fro.


You can hear some birds chirping in the distance, although you can’t pinpoint exactly where they may be - and among those birds is the laughing sound you know to be a kookaburra; its humorous cackling is definitely the loudest sound among anything else you hear, and it echoes from the far distance.


As you stand there, soaking in this atmosphere, you also get the distinct sensation you’re being watched by something. You don’t know what, but, you feel the fur on your neck and arms start to stand upright - whether that’s the kangaroo aspect or your human self bleeding through, you’re not sure, but you don’t really care enough to ponder on that long. You feel uneasy, for sure.


‘What kinds of animals would be the predators to kangaroos?’ you wonder, trying to wrack your brain for the fuzzy memory of what you knew regarding Australian wildlife. ‘I know when they’re babies they’d be vulnerable, but, as adults… hmm. I know humans would be, but, that’s kind of a given, so…’


You can’t recall, even now as you try to think it over.


A rustling noise further to your right snags your attention. You turn to stare in that direction, but, you can’t see anything through the sea of trees. But you know you didn’t mishear, and, as you stare there, feeling tension spread through your body, you get the dreading sense you should leave the forest.


‘Shoot,’ you think. ‘Great. Now what?’


You freeze up and try to figure out what to do. You aren’t sure if you want to test it or not - for all you know, the rustling could be some small woodland creature just trekking about for food, but it could also be something bigger or potentially more dangerous. And you are no condition to take any chances; especially since you know nothing else about this environment.


‘Do I stay and see?’ you think. ‘Or do I turn and go back into the open area?’


The rustling occurs again. You need to choose, and quick.

Written by Hollowpages on 13 August 2020

A Ruse of a Roo emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide that maybe backtracking a little would be the wisest, at least until you can figure out what could be rustling about in the forest. Besides, you remind yourself you’re not some professional fighter or survivalist for that matter - you need time to figure things out before you can even begin to do anything crazy. And this? This is definitely way too crazy for you to handle.


‘Gonna nope out of this one, for now,’ you think.


You turn your body and start to hop backwards, when the rustling gets louder, and in a flash, something leaps out from the bushes where the noises were coming from, landing right in front of you somehow. You freak out and leap away in a rather mighty bound that takes you by surprise - and in the midst of this surprise, your back smacks into a nearby tree.


Your heart races, but, you blink when you see what’s now standing before you.


It’s another kangaroo! Only this kangaroo’s body is… not the same as a normal kangaroo (and you would know, given your partially-human form). In fact, you find yourself gawking when you realize it’s a male kangaroo, yet the facial features are not at all masculine - they’re distinctly feminine instead.


“G’day. And sorry about the fright. Overshot my jump.”


You blink a few more times. The kangaroo has spoken, and, not only is it perfectly pronounced English with an accent, the voice is also decidedly that of a woman, if a little deeper-sounding. You stare at this kangaroo, trying to make heads or tails of what on earth is going on in front of you.


The male-bodied kangaroo shakes its head. “You’re not hearing things, mate.” The smile they have is human, very much human. “And you’re not seeing things, either. I’m not an illusion. I’m in the same boat as you, just on the flipside of things for the costume I ended up with is all.”


You slowly come to the realization, and, your brain starts to catch up with you.


“Well, go on then,” the woman - you think? - says. “You can still speak, I’d gamble, right?” They look at you. “Sorry again about the scare, though.”


You suck in a quiet breath, clear your throat, and, do so. “Uh.”


There’s a beat of silence. You feel a flush from your cheeks as the kangaroo woman eyes you with a broad grin - amusement is obvious on their face.


“Go on, try again,” they say. “You can talk the same as you could before, just gonna sound a bit different is all.”


“Y-yes,” you say, at last. Your voice comes out fine, and you sound much like you did before all this - the only difference is that your voice is a little lighter in pitch, and slightly softer than it used to be. Probably because you ended up choosing a female bodied costume. “…this is… this is something else.”


“Aye, definitely is,” the other kangaroo says, nodding, then they snicker as they appraise. “Ha. So you’re a yank, I take it, eh? Sound like one from the voice, which ain’t a huge deal. Somehow, I’m not surprised.” They snicker. “Thanks for not trying ‘sound’ like a typical Aussie - bloody bogan tourists can’t help themselves, and it’s a right mess whenever they try to be one of us.”


You shrug. “Hadn’t… erm. Hadn’t really crossed my mind to try.”


Your voice is strange to hear, you feel. You are definitely going to need to get used to that shift, at least until you get a new costume.


“Eh, no worries,” they say. “Born in Queensland myself, but spent a good ten years over in the States.” They pause at this and hop over toward you - they are noticeably bigger and bulkier than you, that’s for certain. “Name’s Erin. Yes, I’m a woman, I just got a new knob attachment for the foreseeable future.”


You give her your name, and she nods at this, still grinning.


“Take it you just came outta that room, huh?” Erin asks. “Chose yourself a door, then another door, bam, you get to stick on a costume and here you are?”


“Yes,” you say.


You’re a little relieved to know you’re not the only person around in that situation. This Erin person definitely has a knowing expression on her face, and there’s a hint of familiarity in her dark eyes.


“It’s a lot to deal with at once,” you admit, and you glance down at your furry form. “Especially when, you know, you end up in the… erm… the body of the opposite gender.”


“Yeah, been down this road a few times,” Erin says, and her tone is one of calmness and understanding. “You get used to it. Being able to change up the costume after a while can be a bloody pain, but, it depends on the kinda person you are and what form you’ve been given.”


You can’t help eyeing her. “You don’t mind having a male kangaroo body?”


She snorts out a laugh. “Oh, mate, I’ve been in a male body a lot thanks to these costumes. It’s strange, sure, but,” she shrugs, “ain’t so bad after awhile.”


Silence falls for a moment, and you aren’t sure what to do next - you didn’t expect any of this to happen when you went through that first door, so you are admittedly at a bit of a loss, being stuck in this costume for a long stretch of time. You are at least somewhat thankful to be in the presence of Erin, though.


“So, uh--”


Before you can speak, you stop when you hear something further off - a howl, a very high-pitched and eerie howl, that echoes from afar and seems to seep through your ears and into your very bones.


You gawk at the sound. “Is that… a wolf?”


“Dingo,” Erin says. She’s looking the same direction as the howl.


Your eyes widen. ‘Dingo! That’s what it was…’


You recall that dingoes are one of the more prominent predatory animals in Australia that you can actually think of right now. And no sooner do you recall this do you realize that a dingo might be one of the few creatures that could prove to be a threat to a kangaroo. They’ve got sharp teeth and can travel in packs…


You? You’re in the body of a lone kangaroo. Not good odds.


You look at Erin. She seems alert and there’s an air of earnest tension forming around her, though she doesn’t seem nearly as worried as you are.


“Do… do we need to be worried about that?” you ask. You feel like it could be one, but, maybe there’s more for all you know. It’s hard to tell exactly.


“Definitely not something we should ignore, mate,” Erin says. She nods her head to the side. “Let’s get outta this spot and move. You can ask your questions and learn from me when we’re safe, ‘cause the last thing your arse needs is some silly bugger dingo wanting to make a meal outta you.”


She starts to hop away, back the direction she came from, and now you find yourself wondering whether or not you want to follow her. You could follow her, sure, but, do you want to trust some stranger? Or do you want to go your own way instead? Your mind races, and you try to ponder your next move carefully.

Written by Hollowpages on 15 August 2020

Hop, Skip, and a Jump II emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You end up swallowing your reservations and choose to follow this Erin person. She’s the only one you’ve met so far, and since she claims she has experience, you hope to learn a bit more from her about all this insanity. Plus, you’d rather be safe than sorry trying to be on your own right now. There’s also that.


The two of you bound your way through the trees, deeper and deeper into the forest. You wonder where it is she’s going, but, you get your answer when the ground begins to move upwards into a grassy hill that carries up and then on.


‘Does Australia have hills like this?’ you wonder. You honestly don’t know, but, you’re not in a place to dwell on this for very long. It probably does, you think.


Said hill then morphs into a raised portion of land, and you follow Erin up this, hopping at the same brisk pace she’s moving at. You find, after a few minutes of this, that you are more elevated now, on a large hill where the trees have continued to sprout and tower over the land. You see Erin is leading you deeper in, toward a lake area with a cave right above it.


She stops near the lake, and eyes you as you stop next to her.


“This little place is somewhere I come to when I need to hide out,” Erin says, nodding to the lake. “Get yourself a drink, mate. Water’s clean and cool.”


You blink a few times. Then, you lower your head down and use your furry hands to cup some of the water. It feels cool to the touch, and you bring it up to your mouth to sip it. It feels lovely running down your throat; and it tastes fresh and clear, just like Erin says. You drink a few times to ease yourself.


“Thank you,” you say to her.


Erin nods and grins. “Anytime, anytime.”


The howl ripples through the air, but it’s further away from you now, and lower. You can’t see where it may be coming from, however, due to the elevated land area you find yourself at now. Plus, the trees block most of your line of sight.


“Bloody shitheads,” Erin mutters. “You can never tell with those howls if it’s an actual dingo or someone like us, wearing a dingo costume.”


You pause at this. “Would someone like us… be a threat?”


She scratches her chin with one hand, thinking. “Honestly, it’s always the toss of a coin when it comes to that sorta rubbish. You might think ‘ah, well, no way is this bloke gonna try and off me’ and then suddenly he’s chasing your arse around with the goal of killing you for shits and giggles.” She shrugs. “Depends on the person, I’d wager. Some are real bloody arseholes about it.”


You stare at her, a little perplexed. The idea just doesn’t compute with you.


“You read the sign, right?” Erin asks.


You nod. “Yeah. I read…”


It dawns on you after a heartbeat. You recall the wording of the sign, and how it talked about ‘if you die.’ Then it clicks for real that in this context, death…


“Are you telling me we’re… we’re basically immortal?” you ask.


She laughs at this for a moment. “Ah… mate, no. We ain’t immortal.” She’s smiling wide. “I mean, I’d love if that were the case. It’s more…” She pauses and seems to mull over the words she wants to use. “It’s more like we’re in a video game, yeah? If you die, you respawn at an old checkpoint. Only thing is, you lose all the progress and all the shit you had on hand at the time. You gotta start over from scratch in a random body, if that makes sense?”


You nod. The sign got that across, but hearing it now helps you understand.


“Does that mean you…?” you trail off.


She snorts. “Aye, I’ve been whacked a couple times. Not proud of it, but, sometimes fate stinks something ripe, lemme tell you.” She smiles at you with a teasing look. “Fortunately, you learn a few things when you ‘lose’ at this game. Makes surviving easier so you can avoid dying like a fuckwit.”


You nod silently and muse over this.


You don’t really want to ‘die’ in any sense of the word, even if you end up back at the start again. The thought doesn’t sound pleasant whatsoever, so, you decide you want to be smart and as careful as you can be during this time.


“So what exactly is there to do?” you ask Erin. “Besides hop around, I mean.”


Erin chuckles. “You do what the creature does, honestly, there’s no other method to the madness. You live in the great outback in this case. Look for food and water, explore, basically, you survive and learn on the go. It’s the wilderness, mate. You basically got yourself into a long-standing camping trip, just with the added benefit of being stuck in a half-human body.”


You cock your head to the side. “Does being half-human do more for us?”


“Oho, mate, you bet your sweet arse it does,” Erin replies. “You’ve got the added strength of a human, plus the thinking prowess.” She taps the side of her head as she eyes you. “You can think better. You can reason and logic. Plus, you’ve got twice the physical abilities as a normal roo does.”


“Huh,” is all you say, and you look at your hands again.


You don’t FEEL any stronger than normal, but, you suppose you haven’t really had the time to explore any of that. You shelve this consideration for later on.


“Question becomes, what do you wanna do with yourself now, eh?” Erin asks.


You ponder this. “I don’t know. Honestly, I was in the midst of starting to explore when I ran into you, and then we fled from a dingo…”


Erin nods. “Well, there’s plenty of ground we can cover. We got that cave there,” she gestures to the cave, “we can chill here for a while, we can go back down to see if the dingo’s gone, or, we can go explore around the area.”


You frown.


These options aren’t necessarily bad options to consider, it isn’t that - what has you frowning is that, well, it seems like there are a lot of things without real end goals in sight. You don’t know if there’s a reason to go into a cave, or, if there’s a necessity to go roaming about beyond probably looking for food later.


‘Great, I forgot what kangaroos eat, too, now that I think about it,’ you muse.


“Or you can tell me to bugger off and do your own thing, that’s fine,” Erin replies, and she’s smirking as she says this. “Wouldn’t bother me if you did - I can be a right bitch when it boils down to it, and I don’t wanna drag down your enjoyment of this whole debacle. Choice comes down to you, mate, ‘cause I’m cool with whatever. Not gonna be sweating anything anytime soon.”


She leaves it at that, and now you get to decide what you want to do.


‘I have options,’ you think. ‘And yet, it feels like I don’t have options… hmm.’


You aren’t sure, but, you start to consider your next step. Do you stay with her? Do you go off on your own? And if you do either, then, what will you do next?

Written by Hollowpages on 17 August 2020

Jumping Jack, Jumping Jill emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You can’t help but be a little curious as you think about all this; you recall how your introduction to this woman was her bounding out from the bushes and landing in front of you. You’re pretty sure a kangaroo can’t naturally jump that high and that fast, so, you decide to stay here for now and…


“How did you jump that high up back down there?” you ask.


“Oh, that?” Erin says. She snorts. “That’s easy to do. No normal roo can do it, either, if you’re wondering - pretty sure it’s a benefit to being half-human.”


You furrow your furry brow. “Then I can do the same?”


“Probably,” Erin replies. She gives you a glance over and smirks. “You’ve got yourself a sheila’s body, but, I doubt that would affect your jumping strength. You wanna try it for yourself, do you?” She rubs her hands together and motions to the flat area around you. “How you do it is simple - you concentrate your strength into your legs, yeah? And when you jump, you have to treat it like you’re jumping as a human the same instant you do the motion.”


You blink a few times. “That’s it?”


“That’s it.”


She makes it sound like it’s simple to do despite the fact you’re not a normal human anymore, but, you do remind yourself she has experience, or so she’s said she has. Still, you admit you want to try it out for yourself - after all, being able to leap that high could prove useful to you for survival reasons, right?


You turn your body and hop a few times to be clearer from her and the lake.


‘Jump like I’m still a human, she says,’ you think. Along with focusing your strength into your legs.


You suppose what that means is you put your power entirely into your feet, and when you think of jumping as a human, you remember how you did that - you crouch down a bit and breathe in slow. As you breathe out, you spring your body up and leap, the energy expelling from your bigger feet while you do so.


You end up jumping quite high into the air! So high that you freak out a bit from the sheer surprise, and you abruptly crash down onto the grass in a heap.


Erin chortles from where she’s standing. “Not quite like that, but good effort!”


You grumble and pick yourself up by pushing against the ground, which proves to help you right yourself quicker. You feel a little tingling from the impact, but, it’s far from being all that painful.


“Try doing it while you’re moving,” Erin says. “And don’t think so hard! Just do!”


You nod as you absorb this. ‘Okay, okay.’


You hop back a few spots from where you were before, then turn around and start to prepare for another attempt. This time, you start to hop, and as you do, you bring your feet down and put all the weight of your body into your feet; and when you move forward, you spring up and expel that energy again.


Your legs push against the ground, and your body sails up into the air, a good few feet higher than any kangaroo could naturally hope to jump, so high you feel lighter than the air itself as your stomach jumps up with you.


When you come down, you remain calm, and your feet absorb the impact and all your weight. They sting, but, it’s a brief sensation of discomfort.


You stop, and your arms flail. But you feel good inside because you did it!


‘Whoa,’ you think. You nearly fall again, yet your tail helps keep you balanced.


You glance back at Erin, who is bounding toward you, except she leaps into the air in a single, fluid motion, jumping even higher than you did. You swear she’s floating through the air as she gracefully lands on the ground beside you.


And when she lands, her tail drops down to the same level as her feet. She does a smaller little hop seconds after the landing, too, before she is still.


“Your tail is almost like a third leg,” Erin remarks. “Treat it like that, and you can learn to use it to help not only keep your balance, but also to jump higher and land much smoother.” She winks. “Keep that in mind, yeah?”


“Thanks,” you say.


She nods. “No sweat. Took me a while to get the hang of it myself.”


“Maybe if I practice it enough I’ll get adjusted to it,” you say. You can feel the energy swirling in you, and with it, you feel excited. “I never dreamt I’d be able to jump that high before. It’s like… not quite flying, but…”


“Gliding through the air, I’d say,” Erin remarks. She smiles again. “When you learn to master the motions and the landing, and you do it from start to finish… bloody hell, it’s fantastic, mate. It’s like gliding through the air in these great, big bounds. Just remember that your stamina ain’t infinite, and if you land wrong, you can still hurt yourself. Definitely gotta be careful with it.”


You nod in understanding. “What else can we do? That you know of, I mean.”


She taps her chin, providing a humorous image given her form. “I’ve been in this body for a bit longer than you, I’d gather. I would say we can climb faster, because our upper body is notably stronger than a common roo’s. Thing is, our primary strength comes from our legs, and not our arms.”


You wriggle your furry toes around in the grass. “Makes sense, I guess.”


“Yeah, roos in media always have superhuman kicks,” Erin remarks with a snicker. “And it’s for good reason. Think more along those lines, and you have a broad grasp of what we can be capable of. Just don’t try kicking any boulders, or you might hurt yourself.” She winks. “We’re not superhuman, remember.”


“Well, I guess, then, maybe I should…”


Before you can finish, that howl rips through the air again, only it’s much, much louder, and much, MUCH closer than it was. You and Erin turn to the direction you both came from, toward the start of the hill, and you realize…


“It’s followed us,” you say. Because of course the dingo decided to follow them.


“Aw, piss,” Erin mutters.


“What do we do?” you ask.


She looks around and points. “We can go to the cave and hide out, wait and see what this dingo is and what it wants, or we can flee the other way. What do you wanna do? And be quick!”


Your mind races.

Written by Hollowpages on 19 August 2020

Jumping Spelunking emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You don’t know why you’re the one that has to decide this, but, you don’t know how fast this thing is or if you can outrun it proper. But you do NOT feel like sitting around and seeing if it’s a friendly dingo or a wild, savage animal that wants to try some kangaroo-slash-human meat.


“I guess the cave, then,” you say.


“Good choice,” Erin says. “C’mon, then.”


She starts jumping toward it and you follow suit. You hear the howl again, but, you try to ignore the sense of impending dread filling your stomach as the two of you leap up to the path that takes you into the cave’s maw. It’s way too dark for you to see how deep it goes, but, right now, you don’t care.


Seconds after you enter the cave, you find the air itself has chilled a lot - you can feel it is colder inside, and the air seems a little thicker, too.


You try not to let it bother you as you follow Erin deeper in, unsure of whether or not this will prove to be a good idea, or a horrible one. Her hopping slows, and so you slow as well. You end up moving at a slower, steadier pace.


The ground is soft beneath your furry, large feet, yet coarse to the touch. It’s not painful to feel, but, this, combined with the rocks jutting out at random points, and the myriad of pebbles and little dips you spot, means you need to be much more careful going forward. You don’t need to get impaled, or run into some thick rocky wall, or trip, or get your feet stuck… none of that.


“Eesh,” Erin says, quieter now, but audible enough for you. “I forgot how dark this bloody cave can be when the sun ain’t hitting it just right.” She grunts. “Piss. At least it ain’t so dark that we can’t see anything in front of us, but, watch your step all the same, yeah?”


“I assume you’ve been in here before?” you ask.


“Aye, a handful of times,” Erin replies.


“And… where does it lead?” you ask. “How big is it it, anyways?”


“No bloody clue,” Erin admits.


You stop then, and you look around. The cave is dimly lit enough that your eyes have adjusted to it, somewhat, but, you don’t exactly feel comfortable going into a big, dark, unknown cave when you don’t know where it goes.


“You don’t know?” you ask Erin, confused.


Erin pauses to look at you. Dark as it is, you can see her features enough to register the sheepish expression she’s giving you.


“To be honest, I… erm.” There’s a beat of silence as Erin groans. “I’ve only explored to a certain degree, okay? I always try to go deeper and deeper in each time, but I end up getting a bit freaked out, so, I’ve never really gotten to the end of it, if there even is one.”


You blink a few times. “Oh.”


“What?” Erin crosses her arms, and the image is admittedly humorous given the fact she’s in the form of a tall, bulky male kangaroo. “YOU try delving into a large, creepy, stinky cave on your own. Ain’t exactly something you can be prepared for in this state,” she gestures to herself and you, “and for all we know, the cave could be a dead-end. Or, it can have some big-arse hole in it that we fall to our deaths in. I haven’t been in the mind to test that out fully.”


You concede to this point with a nod. “Fair enough.”


“Look, we can take our time, for now,” Erin says. “And I know a good amount of this cave, so I can say without a shred of doubt that there’s gonna be a fork in the road coming up.” She points forward. “We can figure out how to proceed when we get there. Cave’s definitely going to mess with the dingo, either way.”


“Are you sure about that?” you ask. You don’t really know her, but, more than that, you don’t know if this is actually going to be beneficial. For all you know, your idea will get one or both of you caught by the dingo, especially if it turns out there’s a dead end just waiting for you to run into it.


She smirks. “Definitely. Take a whiff. Tell me what you smell.”


You frown at this, unsure of what that has to do with anything, but, you take her advice and do so - you breathe in deep, and you smell… you don’t know exactly, but your nose scrunches up as several less than pleasant odors hit your nose at once. The air is stale and musty, for sure, and you can smell the obvious odor of dankness, which all seem to meld together at once.


You make a noise of disgust.


“Stinks, don’t it?” Erin asks. “The cave reeks something fierce, but that’s a good thing. Means the dingo, whether or not it’s like us or a normal one, will have a harder time tracking us via smell. Deeper in we go, the better our chance is of losing the bugger. Now, let’s get moving, yeah? Hop to it, mate.”


You stare at her curiously. “Did… did you really…?”


She gives a grumble. “Yes, I did, I realized right when I said it.”


You smile at this, but, only briefly. Then it’s back to following Erin into the cave.


After a few minutes of slower, more cautious bouncing into the darkness of the cave, you come to another stop, only this time, it’s because you have found the ‘fork’ that Erin was referring to. Before you, the cave splits into three different paths, one that goes straight, one that goes left, and one that goes to the right.


“Which we do we go now?” you ask. You look from one to the other to the other. “These all look like they go different directions. How does that help us?”


“That’s the thing,” Erin replies. “I dunno which is the ‘best’ to go. But, it doesn’t really matter at this point, I’d say.” She nods to the splitting paths. “I’ve gone down all three at one point in time or another. All were safe for as far as I went into ‘em, so, that’s on our side. Thing is, we should be quick about picking where to go.” She eyes you thoughtfully. “What do you think?”


You furrow your brow and look from one path to the next. Three different choices, but you have no clue which is the right one to go down - you can’t tell where any of them lead, save for maybe the central path that goes straight.


Yet even that one is so dark, you don’t see what’s ahead. You only have Erin’s reassurance to work off of, and that’s it. So what way do you want to go?

Written by Hollowpages on 21 August 2020

Dingo Bingo emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You shake your head, trying to decide. It’s not easy when you have three choices instead of two - that’s not even a fifty fifty split by then. But, you suck this down, and you end up choosing: center path for the time being.


“I guess center, then,” you say.


She nods. “Right. Okay, good. Then you go down the center path and see where it’ll take you. Me, I think we should split up to give the dingo two separate targets to chase rather than us both going down the same path together.”


You pause to stare at her. “Wait, wait, what? Split up?” You don’t like the sound of that one little bit. “Isn’t splitting up always a terrible idea in these kinds of situations?”


She sighs. “Normally, I wouldn’t suggest it, but, think. There’s one dingo, yeah? So one of them and two of us means if we go separate ways, then we can confuse it. Worst case scenario, it’ll chase one of us down, but you look like you’re plenty smart enough to handle it. Just be cautious and don’t do anything too stupid, yeah?”


You continue staring. ‘This feels like something stupid…’


“I’ll go the left path,” Erin says. “We’ll meet up again. If you really want, we can take about five minutes to trek in further, then wait to see what happens.”


“Yeah, but…”


She turns and starts to hop down the path before you can finish. You watch her go, and you can’t help but let out a huff of annoyance at this - perhaps doing this was a bad idea, and so was putting trust in someone you literally just met…


‘Damn it, you gotta be kidding me,’ you think.


You can hear something far back from you, though, and it sounds like movement. Heavy movement. You grimace and then start to bound down the central path, and you hope that doing this will work to your advantage.


You find that the small tunnel you’ve entered seems to teeter back and forth, winding to the right, then the left, then the right again, for no apparent rhyme or reason. But still you push on, keeping your pace brisk, yet still paying attention to everything ahead of you and around you. The path starts to shrink, however, as the seconds go by. You find yourself getting squished in to the point where mobility is almost impossible for you given the fact you move by jumping.


‘Figures,’ you think.


But still you squeeze on through, until after a good minute or two of this, the path opens up a bit more. You keep going, and then, at last, it opens up to a much larger ‘room’ for the cave. Here, you halt your jumping, and you glance around to take in the vicinity for anywhere you can safely hide and wait.


You spot a few nooks in the walls of the cave, and a small ledge to boot.


‘Bingo,’ you think.


You hop up to the ledge, which has nothing to its back beside the cave wall. From here, you turn and face the direction you come from, and now, you wait in silence. You wait to see if the dingo chasing you and Erin is coming after you, and if so, if it’s a person in a costume, or an actual wild dingo.


For a moment, you hear nothing.


Your heart is racing, of course, so you hear that thudding away in your chest, but you keep your eyes and ears peeled for the dingo - you don’t know exactly what to expect either way. If it’s a wild dingo, then you suppose you can use your human ‘ingenuity’ against it somehow. But if it’s a person in a costume? You’re less certain.


‘I mean, would a person want to, I dunno, kill me?’ you think. ‘I don’t know a normal person would, unless…’


You recall what Erin said earlier, but you don’t know if you fully believe what she’s said. She’s given you no reason to doubt her, mind, yet the fact she wanted to split up at a time like this really doesn’t settle well with you. Maybe she’s right to do it, maybe not; you don’t have to like the idea either way.


‘Maybe this is a game to them,’ you consider. ‘Damn. I don’t know. There’s so much being thrust at me, and I’ve only just started getting used to being in a female kangaroo body. Never mind having to run for my life and hide!’


Still, you remain in place, and you listen.


You hear something eventually, and it sounds like movement. Loud movement, too, until it stops. You try your best to listen as close as you can, and you swear you hear what sounds like sniffing, perhaps. There’s sniffing, followed by some sort of grunt - it sounds like a grunt of annoyance, but you can’t be certain. Then, the movement seems to… go the other way?


‘Did it get stuck in that area I was having a hard time with?’ you wonder.


That makes the most logical sense, especially when the sound of something moving grows quieter and quieter until you can’t hear it at all.


You feel your throat go dry.


‘Maybe it did,’ you think.


You leap down from where you were resting and very, very slowly, you trek toward the entrance to the cavern you’re in. You stand not quite near it and you put your ear closer, listening in. Either the dingo did start to come down this way and decided to go after Erin, or, something else was following you.


Nothing. No sound. Not the wind, not feet pads on the ground, not rocks.


It’s a little unnerving to hear nothing down the way you came, but, you consider the possibilities - either the dingo decided to go after Erin, or, it decided to go the other path, or it left. Or, hell, for all you know, the dingo could decide to try coming down the central path after you a second time. You don’t know, yet you do know that you don’t like being split up like this, not in this scenario.


‘Great,’ you think. ‘Well. Now what? I don’t think I want to stay here for too long, because something else could be lurking about. But, then…’


You consider that you could go back the same way and hope for the best. Or, you could stay here and wait a while longer, just to be safe. One way or another, you know you won’t be able to remain in this dark cave forever.


You close your eyes and suck in a deep breath. ‘Decisions…’

Written by Hollowpages on 23 August 2020

Dingo Bingo II emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You end up choosing to leave the cavern, because you don’t like the anxiety of not knowing what the hell to do with yourself - and while you may be annoyed that Erin opted to split up, you can’t shake the idea that sticking together is the wisest choice to do, especially when you still know so very little. You’ve had barely any experience in this madness, whereas she has said otherwise.


‘Please don’t run right into the jaws of death,’ you think.


You start to hop down the path you came from, and you end up in the same spot you had trouble moving through because the walls were smaller, and again, you have to work to move given how tightly compacted it is.


Yet you halt midway through this and look down - there are tracks there. Tracks that are shaped like a wild dog’s, or in this case, a dingo. So then the dingo HAD come after you, probably first, yet it ended up stopping and then turning around. You can tell from the tracks it did this. But what you can’t tell is if the tracks you’re staring at are bigger than normal dingo footprints or not.


They’re big, for sure, but you hesitate to think them too large.


‘Forget it for now,’ you think. ‘Focus.’


You push this aside and start moving again, trying to be quick and quiet and cautious all at once - quite the jumble of different things. It takes a few minutes again to push through the compacted portion of the path, then, it starts to open up more and more until, eventually, you reach the portion of the cave where you started from, where it split into three different tunnels to pick from.


Here is where you stop, because here is where you now have to figure out your next course of action.


You can see the footprints and claw marks on the ground that show the dingo went after you. And now, as you glance at the other two tunnels, you spot the same marks that lead down the path Erin took. You start to think that the dingo has decided to go after her next.


‘I wonder how far she got,’ you think. You prick your ears to the side and listen.


You don’t hear anything out of the ordinary down that path, although it does veer to the side, so you consider you’d probably have to go down it a bit to hear anything, anyways. With a heavy inward sigh, you hop down it a few times so that you’re angled more toward the direction it goes - the tunnel seems to be a straight shot once it’s gone to the one side, at the least.


Now, you listen again.


And you can indeed hear something further in, the padding of feet on the ground. It’s faint, and growing distant with every passing second, but it’s all you need to hear to know the dingo has decided to go after Erin. If anything, that means it’ll be preoccupied, yet you don’t want to abandon her to it if it’s something that wants to kill or hurt her. Stranger or not, you aren’t the sort to just turn the other way, not in this sort of situation.


You sigh internally and started to trail after the dingo, and in doing so, trail after Erin since she went down this path first. You keep your pace moving slow and cautious again, mindful of whatever is around or in front of you, since you don’t know what else could be lying ahead, or where Erin’s gone off to.


‘I hope this isn’t a stupid idea,’ you think as you bound onward, although you know it probably is. ‘Erin… so help me, please let this work out for the both of us. I don’t feel like falling down a massive hole or getting eaten by some dingo, real or hybrid.’


But on you go regardless.

Written by Hollowpages on 25 August 2020

Dingo Bingo III emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

The path Erin chose is a winding one, but, it doesn’t seem to be quite as narrow to travel through, you notice - and you’re relieved at this, for sure. But your heart is racing in your chest, pounding feverishly due to the fact you have no clue what the hell you’re going to run into when you get further into the cave.


‘This is stupid,’ you think to yourself. ‘This is stupid, this is so, so stupid…’


But you don’t stop. You keep hopping through the darkness, and as you trek further in, you hear noises - the noises of padded feet and sniffing and possibly growling. These grow louder and louder with every passing second, and you brace yourself for the trouble you expect you’ll be meeting pretty quickly.


Soon, you finally come upon a large opening into the cave, and you see them at long last: the dingo you’ve been hearing and fleeing from. At a distance, they appear hunched over, bathed in shadow with only their outline being visible to your eyes. But you can hear them sniffing about and grumbling something low, only to watch them stop and shoot their attention to you.


You realize now, rather quickly in fact, that the dingo is not a normal animal, but rather, someone like you and Erin - a human who put on a costume that has transformed them into a dingo-human hybrid. Said hybrid stands upright on its hind legs and stalks toward you slowly, with glowing yellow eyes.


Its physique is more feminine given the curves its hips possess, and the faint outline of what appear to be breasts, although fur covers them. And as it nears you, you see the details of their facial features more clearly - their features are also feminine, which to you means a woman found a female costume.


“So you’re the one that was hopping around in there,” the dingo says, and though her accent is noticeably Australian, it’s a much softer, fainter accent. What sets her voice apart is how low and raspy it sounds, painting her tone with a menacing air. “I smelled you in there, but that tight squeeze was far too much of a nuisance for me to get in any further.”


She stops in front of you and you can tell she’s not one to trifle with; her build is lean, yet she has wiry muscle, and with those gleaming canine eyes and the sharp teeth (as in, every tooth is pointed in a fang), you are already second-guessing your decision to come down this path the way you did.


“You were lucky before,” she continues. “But coming down this way was right stupid of you. Why would you come TO the jaws of death when you knew I was there? Not the smartest choice to be making there, mate. You should’ve kept quiet and hidden, not come toward me like a moth to the proverbial flames.”


‘Too late now, though,’ you think, and you sigh internally at the fact she’s not wrong. But oh well. “Why are you chasing after us?”


The dingo woman cocks her head to the side without answering at first. She seems like she’s studying you, and you wince at the feral look in her eyes. You recall what Erin told you, and recall the rules about how if someone dies in a costume, they get sent back to the start and have to pick a new one again.


‘Please don’t let that be the case,’ you think.


“You must be new, mate,” she replies, cocking an eyebrow at you. “This is the law of the land in this crazy world. ‘Course, it’s all a matter of luck what choices you get when you go through those doors, but, that’s a given.” She pauses. “You look confused. What, you stupid or something?”


“No,” you reply. “I just don’t see why you’d feel the need to act like an animal and come chasing after someone. What’s the point?”


She shakes her head. “I chose a dingo costume, you daft poofter. That means I’m a predator, and if I wanna survive, I have to eat. And in case your shit brain didn’t put two and two together, wild dingoes eat ‘roos like you and that bitch friend of yours.”


“So…?” you say. “I don’t get what that has to do with you chasing us.”


“Do you not realize what you’re wearing?” she asks, gesturing to you. “And do you not realize what I’M wearing? See how that works? I’m on the top of the food chain in this situation, and you’re ON the food chain for me? Yeah?”


You blink a few times. So she’s intending to eat or kill you, it seems. That’s enough to strike a nervous ripple through your whole body, and you feel your legs quiver slightly. You can’t move, though, whether because you’re paralyzed in fear or because you’re just stuck in not knowing what to do now.


She smirks and turns to look over her shoulder, then bellows out. “Oi, Erin! You chose a right dumbarse to travel with! Don’t think I won’t come after you next, you simpering twat, but first I’m dealing with your mate!”


‘She knows Erin?’ you think.


But that isn’t exactly important, because she did just say out loud that she was going to eat you. And that… well, that isn’t going to happen, not if you have anything to say about it.


She turns back to you and bares her row of sharp, sharp teeth, and you try to figure out what you can do - you’re not exactly a fighter by any means, least of all someone that’s ever fought with a human hybrid in a superhuman costume. Yet as your brain sprints into fight or flight mode, you realize something: Erin said that you’ve been granted the abilities of the costume, and when you think about all you know regarding kangaroos and what they’re most known for…


“Now then, snack,” the dingo woman says as she takes a step toward you. “Why don’t you make this more fun for me and squirm a little, eh? Or are you so dense and clueless that you aren’t even willing to do that much for me?”


"Shut up!” you snap.


She recoils slightly, taken aback by the fact you just shouted at a dingo, or maybe because she didn’t expect you to raise your voice at her. You don’t know the reason, nor do you really care, because as your mind is spinning, you have two different choices you could do in order to handle this problem.


You can try to fight, and you aren’t really trained for that kind of thing, or, you can try to talk her down, either in some hope that Erin might show up to help you or to try and reason with this woman by appealing to some shred of her humanity. You’re not sure either would really work, but, you don’t have the time to mull over these decisions for very long - so which do you choose?

Written by Hollowpage on 06 September 2020

Dingo Bingo IV emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“What are you shouting at me for?” the dingo woman asks after a pause. She growls. “You mental? I’m the predator here, you witless fool, and you’re the one that needs to play the role of the prey. Get that through your tiny skull.”


You mull over the choices for a moment, but, you end up deciding to take a third route ultimately… by combining the two options into a single one!


She comes toward you again, and you react swiftly by doing what you’ve seen kangaroos do in videos - and what feels like it’s the most natural reaction for you: you stand at your full height, using your tail for added balance, and you thrust your legs out full stop. Your large feet smash into the dingo, knocking her backwards with enough force that she topples onto the ground.


It’s a strange sensation, and an even stranger even to witness.


You’re shocked at the fact you just double kicked someone in the gut like that, but you’re even more shocked at how far she zoomed backwards from the impact. You’ve never done anything like that before, so witnessing it is definitely a new one for you - but it’s also admittedly satisfying to watch her fly back and then crumple onto the ground. She looks utterly dumbstruck by the fact you just kicked her like that, too, and like she’s kind of in pain.


‘Whoa,’ is all you think, and you stand there for a moment, watching her.


“…ow,” she mutters, as she lies there, clutching her chest.


You feel a bit of pride at how you just kicked a dingo - basically a predator that wanted to literally EAT you - like that, but you let that pride slide away after a pause because you don’t want this to turn into some messy affair.


“Look, I don’t want any trouble,” you say. “I don’t want to have to worry for my life, and I don’t want to fight you, so why don’t you stop acting crazy and we start over?”


It takes about a minute or two for her to clamber up to her feet. She’s gritting her teeth, and after a long pause, she eyes you with a fixed scowl. She looks upset by this turn of events, and you wonder what she’ll do now.


“You… got some nerve,” she mutters. “You think cuz you kicked me once that I’m gonna turn tail and scamper off? What the hell are you smoking?” She growls at you and starts to stagger toward you, her fingertips turning into full claws. “Stop breaking the rules, you asshat. You’re not supposed to fight back, this whole thing is a damned game, and if you think I’m gonna let you--”


You interrupt her by doing the same thing again, standing up and balancing on your tail as you lash your feet out and again kick her square in the gut. The force knocks her for a loop all over again, and she once more topples onto the cave floor in a heap. You kind of feel bad for her, but, you don’t let that show, since you’re also not in the mood for any more shenanigans right now.


She grumbles and sputters after this second double kick. It’s almost comical watching this once-terrifying dingo woman feebly pick herself off the ground.


‘I feel like I’ve gotten zapped into Looney Tunes,’ you muse. Only instead of Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner, it’s you the Kangaroo and a Dingo.


It takes a bit longer this time for the dingo to get up, but, when she does, she hovers there, rubbing her midsection after being gut kicked like that. She seems to be much more leery of you, and, as you watch her face you, her expression is one of stunned silence. It also appears that she’s now being much more careful with her words, and she isn’t coming at you a third time.


Yet, that is. You aren’t about to lower your guard yet, oh no.


“Alright…” She grits her teeth again and groans. “You’re not playing the same thing I am, I guess.”


“I’m not playing anything,” you say, and you shrug. “You’re the one talking about eating people here. In case you forgot, I’m not an actual kangaroo, and, uh, you’re not an actual dingo. So… I dunno what you’re expecting will happen.”


She huffs. “Look, it’s nothing personal. I’m just doing what a dingo does--”


“But you’re not a dingo,” you say again.


“Oh for the love of…” She glowers at you. “I’m AWARE of that fact, you bastard. What my POINT is that this whole insane world,” she sweeps an arm around to emphasize this statement, “isn’t the real world. We’re not ourselves here, so why the bloody hell would I be acting and thinking rationally? Where’s the fun in that when I’m a damned wild animal? There isn’t any. You’re the one trying to be all moral and shite, and it’s pissing me the hell off. So stop it.”


“Nah,” you reply. “Don’t want to.”


She scowls. “Listen, you stupid--”


You mimic the same action for a third time in the end, and you end up knocking her for a loop with yet another double kick. She topples down again, and this time, she crumples with a higher pitched whining noise. This, you HOPE, is enough to get this to stop, and while you remain on guard, you watch her expression shift to one of sheer defeat as she struggles to stand.


“Okay…” she mutters. She tries to pick her body up, but flops down on the ground again, whimpering. “Damn, that hurts… ow.”


You watch on, and after a long pause, you can feel in your chest that she isn’t going for a fourth attempt anytime soon, if at all. She remains downed and looks up at you weakly, still gritting her teeth, but her expression is one of frustration and confusion, and humiliation now, instead of smugness or anger.


“You win,” she says. She tries again to get up, but falters and collapses. “Dammit. I can’t even get up, this HURTS. You nailed me good.” She grumbles and lies there. “Piss off, would you? I’m done. No more chasing you or Erin, no more playing predator. I promise I’m finished, cuz I frankly don’t feel like getting my arse handed to me on a platter anymore. Thrice is enough, thanks.”


You feel a swell of relief at hearing this, but, you don’t speak, nor move just yet.


You instead begin to ponder what you could do next - you feel like you have a few possible options, and you’re not entirely sure what the best one would be.


You could move on and look for Erin, naturally. With the dingo incapacitated, it leaves you time to search for her without having to worry about the dingo trying to hurt or eat you. Or, you could perhaps finish her off to be DOUBLY sure - but that doesn’t feel like it’s the right choice, so you discard it. Instead, your second option is… you could try to help her up and check on her.


It might be dense, but, you feel a little bad, and you don’t want to be heartless. You like to be the bigger person when you’re able to, and now is the perfect chance for it.


‘Hmm… but is it worth it for her?’ you wonder.


What do you do next?

Written by Hollowpage on 08 September 2020

Dingo Bingo V emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You sigh grudgingly after mulling over what to do next with the dingo woman - as reluctant as you are to offer her any sort of sympathy when she made it clear she wanted to eat you, you aren’t the sort to be petty or spiteful, even when you’ve ended up in some bizarre realm where that means nothing.


You hop over to the downed dingo woman and she looks up at you, scowling.


“What the bloody hell do you want?” she demands.


She’s wincing, though, and you can tell that getting double-kicked in the gut three times in a row has taken its toll on her. At the very least, you hope it means she’ll think twice about doing anything unnecessary or cruel…


You awkwardly extend your hand down. “Want some help?”


She blinks, and stares at you rather blankly.


You don’t move. You stay in place, hand extended down, and you wait.


“What?” she asks after a long pause.


“Look, I don’t want to be mean or anything like that,” you say. You shrug after this and again extend your hand down. “I don’t know you. Never met you before in my life, but, I see no reason to just abandon you. If you’re willing to let bygones be bygones, then, I’m happy to offer a hand for you to get up.”


More blank staring.


She seems perplexed and completely at a loss to have you, a person in a kangaroo body that is prey to someone like her, offering her help like this. You don’t know how your expression appears but you hope that she’ll perhaps see you’re being genuine. Or, not, as it turns out. She seems to think you’re trying to trick her, and thus, she refuses your hand and swats it away.


“Piss off, you ass,” she says. “I don’t want your stinking help. Let alone do I trust that you won’t kick my skull in the instant I accept it. Get lost!”


She tries to sound threatening. Tries. If anything, the fact she’s in clear pain only makes her threat attempt sound weaker than she intends, and she notices this rather immediately after the words leave her lips. She growls and gnashes her teeth together - you kind of want to laugh, but, you hold it in for now.


“I said get lost,” she mutters crossly.

Written by Hollowpage on 11 September 2020

Still Help emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You sigh, but, you don’t move. You wait there and watch as this proud dingo woman tries again to pick herself up, and she manages to get onto one knee. And then she promptly drops again, groaning from the pain she’s in.


You silently offer your hand down to her for a third time.


She glares at your hand, then at you. “Why are you being nice to me? Did you not get it through your tiny mind that I was planning to kill you?” She pauses and narrows her eyes. “And what’s to say I won’t try the moment I can stand?”


“Because you’d have to be a real moron to try it again,” you say simply, and you shrug while keeping your hand offered to her. “Can we please cut past this and not be enemies? This whole world is insane, and I’d kind of prefer we just have fun rather than worry about wanting to kill one another, or eat one another, or whatever.”


She stares at you for a long pause again, and you can see the gears in her head are busy spinning. You have no clue what’s running through her mind, but while she’s busy pondering, you briefly wonder where Erin is.


But you shelf this for the immediate moment and you wait.


Finally, after another pause, the dingo woman groans and, very slowly, takes your hand. She seems incredibly hesitant at first - which is weird to you since she’s the predator in this scenario, but you’re not going to push it - until she finally takes hold of your hand. You wait for a few seconds, to see if she intends to try anything. She doesn’t, so, you help her stand by hopping back a bit and using your tail for some additional support.


It’s not graceful at all, but, you are able to help pull the grumbling dingo woman to her feet. She snaps her hand back when she’s upright and staggers there, one hand on her stomach while she’s hunched over, breathing heavily.


You stay put, and watch.


You don’t trust this dingo woman, naturally. Not yet, not when she could prove to be a jerkass by trying to tear your head off or sink her teeth into your throat.


“Better?” you ask.


She mutters under her breath, but says nothing aloud at first. She remains hunched over, rubbing her wounded stomach for a few minutes, before she lets out a heavy sigh and straightens her posture. Her expression appears more neutral now, even though she eyes you. Still, you don’t get a sense she’s an immediate threat, and when she relaxes her posture, you calm a little.


“You’re weird,” she remarks. Her tone isn’t mocking or condescending, but rather, matter of fact as she looks at you. She still seems taken aback by your willingness to help her up after all that. “Damn weird for sure to be helping me.”


You say nothing. You admit you probably didn’t need to help her, but, you also don’t mind that you did. You feel better inside with knowing you chose to.


She cracks her neck side to side, then looks at you with a wry smile. “You know, for someone who’s only just now gotten into this, you kick fucking HARD. Not sure if it’s the roo in you or if you’ve got strong legs, but,” she pauses to shake her head, “much as it kills me to swallow my pride like this, I gotta tip my invisible hat to you for the effort.”


“Oh, well, thanks, I guess,” you say. ‘Not a normal compliment, but this isn’t exactly a normal situation, so, beggars can’t be choosers.’


She chuckles. “Even funnier since you’ve gotten into a female roo’s body.” Her eyes flick up and down your form, amusement obvious in her eyes. “How’s that working out for you, by the way? Guessing you don’t wanna get preggers.”


“Fine enough for now,” you reply, and you opt to… ignore that topic of conversation for something more pleasant. “Do you have a name?”


“Of course I’ve got a damn name,” she says, rolling her eyes. Then, she scowls at you for a short moment. “Gah, fine. It’s Maggie.”


You nod and give your name in return.


“Yeah, yeah, pleasantries and all that shite,” Maggie says. She’s clearly sour about the whole ordeal, but you get the sense from her body language and her expression that she’s decided not to try and devour you. “Well, you helped me, and that’s fine and dandy, so go on.” She waves you off. “Go fuck off toward wherever the hell you were planning on going. I assume after your gal pal?”


“And what about you?” you ask. “What do you plan to do with yourself?”


She shrugs, but doesn’t answer. You figure she’s not really the type to go telling someone she doesn’t know, let alone someone that kicked her rear a few times. Wounded pride and all that is still pretty evident.


You ponder what to do next. Obviously, going down the path Erin went to find where she’s gone is an idea, although you don’t owe allegiance to her, seeing as how you only just met. But, you don’t want to abandon her, either. However, you find yourself wondering how this Maggie woman knows Erin, and, you wonder about whether or not she’d like to ‘join’ you as it were.


You begin to think: do you want to move on and find Erin on your own? Do you want to stay and learn a bit more from this Maggie woman? Do you want to see if she’d like to tag along with you? You’ve got some options, suffice to say.

Written by Hollowpage on 12 September 2020

Teeth-Clenched Teamwork emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Do you and Erin know one another?” you ask after considering your options and picking. “The way you were shouting down that path made it seem like it.”


Maggie snorts. “Oi, rack off. None of your bloody business if I do or not.”


“Oh, come on,” you say. “I did just help you up.”


She snorts again. “So? Helping me up was a stupid move on YOUR part, and I don’t see how that relates to whether or not I should bother telling you shite about myself.” She growls. “Don’t get cocky at me because you kicked me a few times, you bogan. I don’t owe you shit, remember that.”


You roll your eyes. You’ve dealt with this type of person before in your life, and you aren’t above arguing, although you don’t feel like it. You simply stand and wait for her to glare at you, and as the seconds slide by, her glare weakens, and you can tell she’s reluctantly weighing her own options on how to respond.


“Piss,” she mutters. “Fine.”


You smile a little. Maybe a tad smug, but, not too much.


“Aye, I know Erin,” Maggie says. “Clearly.”


You nod. “Guessing you two are friends? Or were?”


She makes a face of disgust. “Fuck no, we’re not mates in the least bit.” A pause, and, after her features smooth, she sighs. “Well. Not anymore, that is.”


Your smile drops. You wait, patient, to hear what she has to say.


Maggie grumbles under her breath. “Look, before we got into this… this…” She sweeps her arm around. “Whatever the hell you wanna call this bizarro world we’re in, we grew up next door to one another, her and I. Used to be thick as thieves, at least until high school started.” She folds her arms. “I ain’t babbling on about it, but we drifted thanks to a whole lotta reasons.”


“High school drama stuff?” you offer. You know that one well.


“Among other things,” Maggie admits. “We stopped hanging out, got into some nasty fights, and by senior year, we didn’t speak to one another. Then uni came along, and we tried to sort through it, yadda yadda.” She grunts. “Well, couple years of half-mending shite and all that, and then last year…”


She pauses and looks down at the ground.


There’s a lot of weight that seems to be hovering about Maggie - you’re no social expert, nor can you read minds, but you get the sense that a lot happened between the pair to sour what was once a friendship. You’ve seen that sort of thing during your life, experienced it a few times, too.


It’s an inevitable part of life, unfortunately. But you don’t want to press her, nor start shoving your random thoughts down her throat - you know better.


“She discovered this place first,” Maggie says after the silence. “Dunno how she came across it, she never told me. But she started randomly vanishing for days on end, only to turn up at uni. She seemed different. Wiser, more confident, more… experienced. Like she’d found something that made her life more interesting, and in return, it was helping her grow as a person.”


Maggie’s teeth gnash together. “She didn’t tell me. Didn’t tell anyone. She made vague excuses and weird reasons that only piqued my curiosity. I’d thought being friends and all that jazz, she’d fess up eventually, but no. She kept it to herself, and got pissy with me when I confronted her over it.”


Maggie shakes her head. There’s hurt and pain in her eyes.


“Look, long story short,” Maggie says, growling again, “I found this place by mistake one day, and after going through the doors and getting on a costume, I ended up here. And lo and behold, I ran into her during my first day…”


She trails off and goes quiet.


You can kind of hazard a guess as to what happened - the expression she gains and the way her posture shifts spells out that their run-in probably didn’t end on a positive note. You do wonder, though, what animal the women had become during that time. You doubt Erin has always been a kangaroo, or that Maggie here has always been a dingo. But, you don’t push any further.


“So yeah,” Maggie says. “This place has definitely created a nice little rivalry between the two of us. And no, don’t go expecting things will fix themselves, because that ain’t happening anytime soon, mate.”


You nod with understanding. “Thanks for telling me a bit.”


She harrumphs.


So now here you are, having met and talked down the dingo woman that was chasing after you. It’s clear that there’s some bad blood between her and Erin, at least from Maggie’s side. You know that, should you extend an offer for her to maybe be friends with you, things will NOT be easy should you run into Erin again. You don’t know HOW bad things will be, however, there’s that to consider.


‘I don’t feel like getting sucked into drama,’ you think. ‘And I know I’m not a counselor or the world’s best mediator. But, maybe it’ll do some good?’


You aren’t sure.


Maggie grunts loudly. “Alright, I told you my shite. You satisfied?”


You think a moment. “How long have you been coming to this place? Actually, wait.” Something she said sticks out at you. “You mean you can leave and come back? That you’re not trapped in this world forever?”


Maggie shakes her head. “Of course you can leave, dumbass. You have to stay the full time required for the costume you pick, but after that’s expired, you can find a way out.” She glances around, thinking for a moment. “Seems like it’s all internal stuff. Like, you can basically will a door to show up somewhere, and you’ll just ‘know’ it’s there, waiting for you. You go out, take the costume off, and then you can leave. It’s weird, mate. Like it reads your mind.”


“Huh,” you say. “That’s… good to know, honestly.”


You hadn’t been certain beforehand when you read the rules, so, it does create some interest since you can come back…


“Yeah, whatever,” Maggie says. She grunts and waves her hand at you. “Now would you let me leave? I don’t feel like standing around in this dark, stinky cave for the rest of my day. I’d rather go enjoy being a dingo and hunt. I’m hungry.” She pats her stomach. “And no, I ain’t interesting in eating you. Kangaroo is off the bloody menu for the rest of my life as far as I’m concerned.”


You look from her to the path that Erin went, and again, you start to ponder. Part of you is fine with going your separate ways, but, you admit that you want to see if she’d be open to tagging along anyways. It’s not a major decision by any stretch of the imagination, yet even so, what’s the harm in asking?


“I’m leaving either way,” Maggie mutters. “Enjoy your time as a kangaroo, or whatever. Doubt we’ll run into one another again, so, what’s it matter, right?”


She starts to head past you, and you frown.


“Wait a moment,” you say.


She stops mid-step and slowly turns to stare at you over her shoulder. “What?”


Now you have to decide: do you ask if she wants to join you? Or do you wish her well and let her leave on her own, and then go from there by yourself?

Written by Hollowpage on 13 September 2020

Teeth Clenched Teamwork II emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“What do you want?” Maggie demands as she eyes you, waiting for you to answer so she can leave already.


You hesitate for a few seconds longer to decide. “Well,” you say, “do you have any other friends here? Any, um, other dingoes…?” You blink and recall the proper word. “A pack, I guess? Do dingoes travel in packs? I don’t know.”


She snorts. “Nah, mate, I’m on my own. Work better solo than with anyone else, usually. Besides, I haven’t seen anyone in a dingo costume ‘round these parts. I’ve been a dingo for a good few days by this point, so I’d know by smelling them if there was someone else like me.” She frowns. “What business of it is yours anyways? What’s it matter if I’m solo or in a pack?”


“I wanted to ask if you were open to traveling with me,” you reply.


She stares at you with wide eyes, and she slowly turns to face you fully. She blinks, and you can practically hear the gears in her head spinning while they try to effectively absorb what it is you just said to her.


“You’re joking, right?” Maggie asks. “Are you for real right now?”


You shake your head. “I’m being real, yeah. No joke.”


“You must be joking,” Maggie says. She scowls. “I just got done trying to KILL your sorry ass so I could eat you, and you’re asking me to, what, be your mate? Even after I just spelled out how your current gal pal and I aren’t exactly on the best of terms?”


You shrug. “Not everyone ever will get along with one another. I’ve known that for ages now. Besides, what’s the harm in it? And it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do with your time by your lonesome, is it?”


She gawks at you, stunned.


It’s admittedly a little comical to see someone that, not long ago, appeared like a legitimately threatening predator, only to now be gawking and staring like a cartoon character instead. She grits her teeth after soaking in your remark and seems to be unsure about it; she doesn’t abruptly deny you, nor does she agree.


“I don’t get you,” Maggie says. “Like, I sincerely don’t understand. You must be mental. Are you mental, or are you just stupid?”


“I don’t think of myself as either of those,” you say, rolling your eyes. “I’m just asking if you want to hang out, basically. You don’t have to say yes or no, it’s up to you in the end. But I’m serious about the offer. What happened is water under the bridge, at least as far as I’m concerned. So what do you say?”


Maggie continues to gawk as if you’re suddenly speaking to her in another language, and you have to kind of resist the urge to smile at her expression.


She blinks and then huffs. “Why would you want to be friendly toward me? What do you gain out of it?”


“Why not?” you reply, shrugging again. “And I’m not looking to GAIN anything out of it? I’m just asking, since, well, again, why not? What else are you going to do with yourself? You said you don’t have any fellow dingoes, so…”


She grunts. She looks around, thinking still, and you see no need to push her into choosing or rush her. You wait and simply glance back down the path that Erin probably went, and you wonder where she is, or how deep into this cave that path goes. Then you wonder… can she hear all this? Is she close or is she too far to know what’s being said? You have no clue on that end.


“Maybe,” Maggie says eventually. Her shoulders sag. “I can’t believe a damn kangaroo is asking me this sorta question. World’s gone tits up at this rate.”


“I’m still a human under this,” you reply. “Or. Um.” You glance down at your furry hands. “Beneath this? Whatever you want to call it, either way.”


“And say I do agree to this,” Maggie remarks, frowning. “What exactly do you think’ll happen with me and Erin? It ain’t gonna be a warm reunion, I can promise you that much. Best rethink this idea of yours unless you want to see how bad the blood between us really is.”


“You’re both adults,” you say, choosing your words carefully. “I’m sure you can work through it, or, I don’t know, pretend not to notice one another. But wouldn’t it beat wandering around this place all by yourself?”


She straightens her posture, and eyes you. Her eyes are full of intensity, and she stares you down while she’s busy trying to think about all this.


“I’ll…” She hesitates a moment, then lets out a quiet breath. “Whatever, I’ll think about it. Not guaranteeing anything to you, get that through your skull. Go and find your mate, and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll accept.” She emphasizes this with a growl. “But I can’t think with the stink of this place, and I’m not about to jump through hurdles to see my former friend, that much is for damn sure. I’m heading out to get some actual fresh air, and maybe something in my belly.”


“Alright,” you say. That’s the best answer you’re getting, you can tell. “Fine by me.”


“You’re bloody mental,” she mutters.


With that, she strides off and leaves.


You are now on your own again, sans the fear of being devoured by a hungry dingo. You watch after the direction of Maggie - watching her vanish into the depths, the sound of her footsteps echoing for a moment until they’re gone.


Now, it’s almost purely silent. Almost because you can hear the faint echo of water droplets somewhere in the cave, along with noises that seem to come from deeper in - you wonder if the cave has anyone living in it, real person or actual creature, but, you shrug this off and decide not to worry about it.


Your main concern is finding Erin, you think. She’s gone missing, and you have no clue where she is, or what else lies in wait within the cave for you.


‘Well,’ you think. ‘At least I talked down the hangry dingo. That counts for something, I guess.’


You nod to yourself and then proceed to start moving toward the path that Erin went. Much like before, the path is winding, although it’s at least spacious enough for a humanoid kangaroo to hop around without closing in too badly.


After a few minutes of this, the path opens up into another ‘room’ of the cave, but, there’s still a path for you. Oh is there ever a path. You come to a stop and gawk when you see that a good chunk of the cave is stretching onward into the depths… oh, and, you no longer have a lot of movement space. Instead, there is now a gigantic chasm that dips down into a black abyss, with no bottom in sight.


There are a few small ‘paths’ that you think you can hop down if you do so slowly, and these paths seem to dip down at a safe, less steep angle to wherever the bottom of the abyss is. But…


You halt your thoughts when you hear something - it’s faint, but it sounds like a voice calling out.


‘Erin,’ you think.


But what do you do? Do you keep following the path you’re on? Or chance going down and hope you don’t slip and fall to your demise?

Written by Hollowpage on 14 September 2020

Jumping Spelunking II emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You bounce nervously in place while you muse over this. You’re a kangaroo, which means you’re not exactly equipped to be spelunking into some unknown depth of a cave you’ve never been in prior to this day. Even worse, you feel that you could trip, or scrape something, or worse if you decide to go down there.


Then again, you also don’t know if continuing down the path will be of any use to you, and if the voice is indeed Erin, and not you hearing things, she might be hurt, or stuck, or in some dangerous position.


You have little beyond these two choices, so, you end up going with the smarter one. You start to hop down the same path you were already taking and hope that it’ll lead you toward where Erin is, wherever the hell that may be.


‘I mean, she doesn’t seem like the type to go down a rocky, slippery path,’ you think as you go down the tunnel the straight pathway leads you into, a tunnel that curves and seems to start going downwards. ‘I would imagine someone with experience would be smart about where they go, not reckless… right?’


You remind yourself you don’t exactly know Erin personally. You did just meet her not long ago, brief as that meeting was, so for all you’re aware, she could be the reckless or careless sort. You guess you’ll discover that soon enough.


You hop at a steady pace down the tunnel, and you indeed notice the tunnel is gradually dipping down slow enough where you feel as though it is leading you toward your goal. You hear, once more, the sound of a distant voice, but it’s too faint and echoey for you to understand what’s being said. It could be Erin. It could be your imagination. It could be someone or something else.


‘Why did we go into this cave,’ you think, honestly a little more than done with being in here. You never liked caves in the first place, and this one is clearly not at all out of the real world if it’s like this. ‘I don’t think Australia has caves this insane.’


Hop, hop, hop, deeper down and deeper into the tunnel you go.


The tunnel doesn’t wind as much as it did previously, although it does have a few faint turns here and there. Fortunately, it never closes in or around you, and thus, you’re able to move comfortably despite the fact your heart is ramming against your chest walls. You aren’t thrilled about this, and if this doesn’t get you killed, you might have to give this woman a chewing out for all this madness.


After around five minutes of following the tunnel, it opens up again, and you hop out to inspect your surroundings. You find that, though it’s difficult to tell at first, you are now much lower than where you started - and above you, to the right and up a ways, you can see the outline of the ledge where you came from.


You take note of this and see the rather slippery-looking ‘paths’ you could’ve taken, yet those run past where you are now, and still you can’t see any sort of bottom to where they lead. Yet you hear… something. Not a voice this time, no, but actual sound that is faint and echoing from somewhere deeper into the cave.


Your ears perk, and you listen, trying to make heads or tails of the noise.


‘Is that… water?’ you think.


You aren’t entirely sure, but, you THINK it could be the sound of running water - perhaps a river or some other body of water located somewhere in the cave. It’s not loud enough for you to be certain, but you sincerely don’t think anything else could be making a similar noise to it. It has to be a river or something.


‘Okay, that’s great,’ you think. ‘There’s running water somewhere in this cave. But how does that help me find Erin? Why the heck would she go down this path, this deep into a cave, anyways? I mean, surely she wouldn’t have come this far in to escape one dingo, right…?’


You again remind yourself logic isn’t exactly useful in this whole ordeal.


You sigh and shove this away, and, you continue moving, trekking across the path and deeper into the darkness - the path you took continues to spiral downwards, and as you follow it, you become increasingly aware that there are no longer walls that separate you from the depths surrounding you.


In other words, you realize that you are a hop, skip, and a jump away from accidentally falling to your possible demise - you can’t see into the darkness, so, you have no clue even now how far down the chasm is. You just know it’s on your right and your left, and you try your best not to look down.


‘Just keep hopping,’ you think. Silly movie quote, yes, but, it’s something.


The path keeps dipping down more and more as the seconds slog by, until it comes to another tunnel, which thankfully has walls to it. You enter it and hop further and further in, and as you do, the sound of what you assumed to be running water grows louder. It takes a few minutes of this for the sound to grow loud enough to where, yes, you can confirm it’s water, which you’re glad for.


‘How on earth does this go down so deep?’ you wonder, though.


You doubt you’ll get an answer to that, but, you push along regardless.


And then, after about fifteen minutes of trekking into this cave, you come to yet another opening from the tunnel, a massive open area that from a rough glance appears to be the size of two or three football stadiums shoved together. And here you find the water you expected you’d find, a river that is rushing on before you - it goes to the right, disappearing into the darkness of the cave.


From the left is where the river seems to be coming. A cursory glance tells you that there’s a good bit of room for you to navigate about the open area safely.


‘Plenty of flat ground for me,’ you note, and you hop forward and glance around further, hoping to see some sign of Erin. ‘But I don’t see Erin. Don’t hear her, either. The river’s a little too loud. Weird. Was it her I was hearing those two times? Or was I hearing something else entirely?’


It doesn’t make sense. You’re not a genius, but you don’t NOT think over these kinds of things, either, so this whole situation has you flustered and confused. If anything, the lack of any sign of Erin leaves you feeling puzzled and concerned since there’s obviously something going on, and you don’t know - or like - not knowing what that something may be.


‘No sense getting upset, though,’ you tell yourself.


You suck in a few breaths to calm your nerves, and then you move toward the direction of the river. After passing under a rocky ledge, you halt and see that you have more options on where you can go from here.


First, you can keep following the river and see where it leads you. Second, you spot a ledge that you can hop up to if you do as you did outside when Erin was showing you how to jump - you don’t know where the ledge leads, but you can tell from below that it goes somewhere. Or third, you see to your other side that there’s another tunnel, one that disappears into some blackness.


Three options for three different routes you can take. At this rate, you have a one in three shot at picking the right one, so now what do you do?

Written by Hollowpage on 15 September 2020

Abysmal Abyss emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You take a breath and reflect on what you can do, weighing down each option in your head. None of them stand out over the other given the fact you’re unsure of where you are or where to go - all you know is that your main goal right now is finding Erin, the person who did help you out, even if you know little about her as a person beyond what Maggie’s told you.


You know she could be hurt. She could be lost. She could be totally fine. But, you don’t know WHICH of those she is, and you want to see this through.


‘Fine,’ you think, and you have made your decision.


You decide for the time being that you’re going to follow the river and see where it leads, to get a better understanding of how large this cave interior is. It might give you a lead on where Erin is, too, or at least it might help you figure out what that weird voice-like noise was, and where that was coming from.


You follow the river by hopping along next to it, keeping your eyes peeled for anything of importance or of interest while you do. The area is large enough where you feel like you could easily see Erin, or any other person or creature since it’s surprisingly well-lit for being a dark, dingy cave.


‘This river looks pretty intense,’ you think, sparing a few glances at it.


It’s not running at a speed where you think you’d be in utter danger if you somehow got swept up into it, that much you can tell from a few glimpses. But, that aside, you also can tell the river is strong enough that it wouldn’t be easy to swim out of. Swimming in it would be hard, and you don’t know if there are jagged rocks waiting at any given point, nor how deep the river is.


‘Best not to test my luck with that,’ you muse. ‘I don’t know if kangaroos can swim well in running water like that. I mean, I guess they could do fine if it wasn’t rushing super fast, but, could I manage it?’


You don’t want to find out.


For a while, hopping toward the direction the river is coming from doesn’t give you any clues or any ideas as to where your missing kangaroo companion is.


Beyond the ledge and the tunnel you decided not to take, you don’t see any other pathways to check, and for a time, it’s just you hopping forward, with an open cave room and the river. But, you gradually see in the distance that there is some sort of larger ‘maw’ in the cave wall that the river is coming from, and as you near it - you don’t speed up, either, oh no, you stay at the same even pace of movement the entire time for your own safety - you soon see that that river is coming from a waterfall.


Within the ‘maw,’ the opening of the cave wall is another room in the cave, and a few feet into this is a massive ledge that the river is spewing down from into a waterfall. You get as far into it as you can until you come to a halt, and you take a moment to see that… you don’t know if you can get UP there, however.


‘Oh no,’ you think. You furrow your furry brow and grumble. ‘You mean I came all this way and there’s no method for me to get up? Did I seriously just waste my time going down this path for nothing? No, no, come on. That can’t be it.’


You refuse to accept defeat like this, not when you’ve gone through all this.


‘What was it she said to me about jumping?’ you think.


You recall her advice, and, since you have little other choice right now - besides going back, and you don’t feel like doing that right now - you decide to give it a shot. You turn and hop back a few feet, then spin back so you’re facing the direction of the waterfall. Despite the fact there’s enough room for you to leap upward toward the top of the waterfall, you remind yourself it might be steep, or maybe it’ll have no room for you to stand on, and so on.


You sigh. ‘Doesn’t matter. I’ve got to try.’


And so you brace yourself internally, take in a few slow breaths that you exhale as slowly, and then you shoot forward, jumping quick and bringing your legs down more and more with each leap, until you get to the spot where you know you have to jump if you want to make it high enough.


You bring your weight down to the fullest and bend your knees, pulling all your strength into your legs and lower back, and with one, massive burst of energy, you leap upwards, jumping as high as you can as strong as you can.


Your jump height proves to be impressively high - you rocket upward, high enough and swift enough that you leap almost to the full height and above of the waterfall. Almost. Unfortunately, while you manage to leap extremely high up with your jump, you end up not quite reaching the top of the waterfall, in that, your upper chest collides with the rock surface the waterfall is cascading down from and your hands end up grabbing onto a portion of the upper ground.


You grunt as the wind escapes your lips, and though the collision wasn’t TOO bad, you have to work to keep your hands where they are. And then they start to slip - you don’t have a great enough grip to pull yourself upright with upper body strength alone, and you start to panic.


‘Shit, shit, shit,’ you think.


You end up pressing your large feet onto the side of the rocky surface and you press in as hard as you can do use it as a footing. It takes a moment, by which point your hands have slid almost off the top entirely, but, thankfully, you’re able to pin yourself in place just barely.


‘Okay, bad idea, bad idea!’ you think. Your mind is racing.


Your heart is pounding like crazy. You feel warm, definitely warm enough that you’d probably be sweating a little if you weren’t covered in fur, but you exhale a sharp breath and use your legs to push yourself up. The shove gives you an extended boost in height, and you start to clamor forward with your bare hands.


It’s then you notice that - or rather, remember that - you’re a kangaroo. That means you have claws.


You suddenly think about this fact and wonder how you can tap into this since you weren’t even aware you would have claws. Somehow, it’s like flipping a switch, and you feel your fingertips extend just enough into points. Claws.


‘Oh hell yes,’ you think.


You promptly use your claws to pierce through the softer part of the ground, and with your hands now pressing into the ground for a better anchoring, you use your upper body and lower body in tandem to climb up and over the ledge. You roll onto your side and let yourself flop there, your chest heaving.


You take a moment to collect yourself, and then, you start sit upright. Your vision adjusts to the dimmer lack of light where you are, and you turn toward the direction you’d been going - it’s a darker path, yet it looks much like the one you’d been following the whole time. Except, however, you spot something in the distance - something that looks like an odd shape, though it’s dark and hard to see.


Then, you hear a noise coming from the same direction - a loud, almost groaning noise that echoes down to where you are. It sounds like a person.


You stand up and start to hop onward, following the same path until you get to the opening where you saw the weird shape - and there, when you reach it, you finally see Erin. She’s on a ledge a few feet ahead and above you, lying down. She seems awake, but, she’s not doing much beyond lying there.


You feel relief at finding her. Yet alongside the relief, you also glance around and start to think of how to proceed. Now you need to decide what to do - call out to her? Jump to her? Or find a way around to where she’s at?

Written by Hollowpage on 16 September 2020

Abysmal Abyss II emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Erin!” you say.


She stirs and turns so she’s looking toward you. She seems genuinely startled to see you there, although she recovers from that quick enough.


“Bloody hell,” Erin says. “Am I ever glad to see you, mate.”


You can tell that getting up to her isn’t going to be too big of an issue, since she’s not as high up as you just got done jumping to climb over the waterfall. However, you then look down, and realize the problem with that idea: there’s a chasm between the two of you that you didn’t even notice until now.


The chasm seems to dip down into blackness, another abyss, and you peer at the river you saw to find it’s coming at you from the left, leading up and up and up more into the innards of the cave. You don’t know how far up it goes, but you decide not to dwell on that for the time being. You turn back to Erin.


“How the hell did you get over there?” you ask. In fact, you frown and realize the other problem. “How did you even GET down here in the first place?!”


Erin smiles sheepishly at you. “Well, erm, funny story, that…”


You stare at her blankly.


She sighs. “Look, I’d love for you to chew my arse out, but I’m in a bit of a nasty predicament right now. I took a bad fall and twisted my right ankle. Hurts like a damn bitch, lemme tell you, mate, and I don’t think I can put much weight on it right now. Otherwise, I’d be moving and not chilling up here on this ledge.”


“And… how did you get on the ledge?” you ask.


“I was running from the bloody dingo, as you were,” Erin says, and she sits up very slowly, grimacing as she does. She doesn’t move her legs. “I ended up at that spot you saw above, yeah? The one where it had a weird dip that went down?”


You blink a few times. “Tell me you didn’t try to go down that…”


“Oh, hell no,” Erin says. She scoffs. “I ain’t the smartest sheila around, that’s for bloody sure, but I ain’t a fuckwit, either.” She shakes her head. “I took the path that winded down, at least until I got out, and then… well.” Her features fall, as do her shoulders. “I guess I got cocky. Thought since I was lower that I could see how deep it went, since, y’know, I figured I’d just find a way out of the cave until things were safe. Well. Turns out, I misjudged my jump.”


She grumbled. “Took a right tumble down the incline, fell through the hole, and ended up wedged in this really cramped space. Managed to get out, without any injury, but then I slipped on a wet rock and tumbled AGAIN. Smacked my poor ankle on my way crashing down the little path there,” she points to her right, “and came to a halt here. Been here ever since, resting.”


You blink again, and you can imagine yourself meeting with that same fate had you been careless in your choices. Fortunately, you weren’t, but now…


“Okay, well, how am I supposed to get to you?” you ask, gesturing from yourself to Erin. “You’re a little too far and there’s a chasm I don’t want to test right between us, which I’m sure you can see…”


She chuckles. “Aye, and I’d rather you not die saving my sorry ass, thanks.”


You look to your right. There’s no ledges, no trails, nothing but cave wall.


Meaning, you either chance a leap across the chasm to get to Erin, or, you go to the left and follow the river. Then again, you consider that maybe there’s something below… you lean forward a tad and look down, and though it’s primarily a massive chasm with nothing beyond blackness, you DO see something to your left, up a ways: a ledge jutting out that you think you could land on, and then use to climb up.


‘Oof,’ you think. ‘Do I really want to try climbing, though…? Not… not really.’


“Look, honestly, I should be fine in a few hours,” Erin says. She shakes her head. “I don’t know HOW you managed to come…” Then she pauses, and her eyes go wide. “Wait a damn minute. How the hell did you escape the dingo? I knew that bugger was right on my tail, so how did you even avoid them?”


“Oh, um, I didn’t,” you say.


She gawks.


“I ran into her when I was on my way to try and find you,” you admit, and you rub the back of your furry neck. “Turns out it’s a person like us, and, well, she did try to eat me. A few times.” You shrug. “I don’t want to make myself out to be some kind of badass, because I know I’m not. I just used these big feet of ours to kick her a few times until she stopped trying to eat me.”


“Holy shit,” Erin says. She’s astonished. “And then… then what? Did you…?”


“I talked with her,” you say. You mull over how much you want to reveal, then decide there’s no point in hiding anything. “Turns out she’s an old friend of yours. Someone named Maggie?”


Erin’s eyes go even wider. “Maggie…?”


You nod.


Erin seems taken aback and there’s a look of pain that flashes across her face. She mutters something under her breath you don’t catch and runs a hand through the mix of fur and hair on the top of her head.


“I convinced her I didn’t want to be enemies with her,” you say. “She ended up going off on her own, but, I did offer for her to tag along with us when I found you. She wasn’t sure about it, so, here I am now. Definitely…” You swallow the lump in your throat. “Definitely not my idea of a fun adventure, getting lost in a dark, deep cave. Glad I managed to find you, at least.”


“I just… can’t believe it,” Erin says. She lets out a quiet breath. “I can’t believe Maggie was the one chasing us, let alone that you talked to her and all that shite. I mean, piss, I’d be GLAD to see her at this rate given my ankle.”


She goes silent for a moment, then looks back at you.


“I dunno what she told you,” Erin says. “But that’s not important right now. I don’t want you getting yourself hurt or worse for my sake, mate. Just turn and go back the way you came from, okay? I’ll find a way outta here when my ankle has finished not being sprained. Frankly, it’s the least I deserve for being a dinkum dumbass.”


“I kind of… can’t go back that way,” you say. “If I did, I’d probably hurt myself.”


She stares at you, clearly wondering what that means.


“I’ll find a way to get over to you so I can help,” you say. “There’s a ledge down there that I can maybe get to if I time my jumps right. Might be able to land on it and then climb up to get to where you are.” You glance left. “Or I can follow the river and see where it leads. I’m sure it’ll open up at some point if there’s a path that goes to your ledge.”


“Don’t jump,” Erin says. “And don’t try anything stupid, please.”


You nod, and start to think. Stupid or not, one may be fast enough to getting to her - it just falls down to how much you’re willing to risk. You ponder your choices… where will you go next to get to where Erin is?

Written by Hollowpage on 17 September 2020

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