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You look at a tiny handheld device called the ASIC (Augment Syntax Integrity Channel unit) and look through a list of legendary pokemon to become. Out of all of them, you see Mew listed. You think about it for a moment, finding that becoming a mew will allow you to be any legendary, whatsoever any pokemon in general. 'So maybe I become a mew, then I'll pretty much end up being... Well, every pokemon in existence!' So you select mew on screen, then initiated the "SKIP" mode.


The ASIC suddenly started charging energy, then exploded into a bright flash that had enveloped your body and pulled it into the dimensional vortex leading to the pokemon world. As you were pulled through the vortex, your body was compressed from the outside. You couldn't see what was happening, but you could feel your body mass being shrunken and reshaped, becoming a form you found alien to yourself. After landing in the pokemon world, you looked around, noticing that you were on a forest floor and everything around you seemed really huge. You looked down at yourself, finding that you were what you asked for: a little pinkish-white mew. Though for some reason, you weren't floating in the air. (Not that it mattered much though.)


Now you got what you wanted, and on your wrist was a small band with the stylized S of your ASIC unit, thus presumably being it. However, you had only one other question on your mind: Now what?

Written by XJP on 29 July 2014

The end (for now)

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