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You stand there perplexed and overwhelmed by the sight before you, unsure of how to proceed. Finally you decide to put on the costume of a snow leopard.
It's not that bad... sort of furry-looking although you could do without the lumps on the chest area. Their is a tingling in your skin but it is not too bad. The rest of the costumes have disappeared to reveal a path out of the room. Not that you can tell what lies at its end. Once you start heading down it you see the zip fall off the costume. The seams of the costume have fused together trapping you inside and you cannot pull them apart.
This leads to you trying everything you can think of to get out of the costume but the fabric is strong enough to resist every attempt. You turn around to head back but find the same endless path no matter which way you face. You walk down the path and soon your fingernails grow out into claws like those on a snow leopard. You find yourself extending and retracting them in surprise as they elongate and shrink before you. You look down to see the resulting slits in the costume the claws have made and wonder if this is some kind of trick. Then you look down to see your heels lifting into the air,. You try to force it back down but the pain is enough for you to stand their, balancing on your toes. It seems like an eternity until you get used to it but by then your feet have become paws and you can walk again. You feel your chest expand and contract to help with each breath. It is not until a few that you realize your chest is filling out the fake breasts, each time expanding a little further and contracting a little less as your lungs fill.
You stop walking and stand in front of the door to take stock of yourself. The costume is still hanging on your body, flowing into real fur around your paws. Looking down you have to lean forward, to see you paws, your chest blocking most of your view. You press on the surface and underneath the fake padding you feel your real breasts growing inside the costume. Your nipples harden as they push against the fabric, pushing through and replacing the fake fur with real fur. You hear a small whimper escape from your mouth and you collapse to the floor, panting, pawing at your chest. "No..." you say, "This is wrong."
The costume seems to hear you but it interprets it the wrong way, four more lumps forming underneath your top pair. You try to tell yourself that this is all a dream or hallucination and will go away, but the feeling are too intense for you to ignore. The lumps keep growing until they are only just smaller then the original two. The weight is trying to pull you forward but a growing weight behind you is countering it, your tail is growing out, replacing the fake fabric with real fur and flesh.
"I don't understand," you scream. "What's happening?"
The costumes hears your screams and decides to answer you. "You are becoming a female snow leopard. "
"No, I am a guy" you try to say.
"Not any more you are not " the costume says as you feel your manhood shrink inwards. You let out a long moan, realizing what is happening.
"Oh god no please don't do this. This isn't how things work" you start to plead but the costume stops you.
"No? Not how things work. Oh yes they work like this. Look at yourself."
Your eyes fall on your new chest and you find it was true. Your breasts feel heavy, firm and full beneath the fur. They are much larger then normal human and their are six of them. The costume has started growing your hips as well.
"See? This is how it works," the costume says smugly. "Look at yourself, see what you have become."
You can't believe what you are seeing. You can't even comprehend what the costume is saying. It takes all you have left to keep from screaming. In front of you you see a female snow leopard looking back at you, her paws extended, her tail moving about behind her. She is beautiful but something looks wrong. The face still looks like a costume but that is changing, each second that passes she becomes more real, more genuine and yet the suit itself continues to change around it. The fur starts to flow off of her in tufts instead of flowing down to the floor. You turn your head trying to escape the sight before you but you cannot stop what is happening. Soon there is no costume only a real bipedal snow leopard. Your new eyes look into hers and you realize they are not just bigger then your own but far better too, you have never seen so clearly in your life.
"See isn't this much better then your old body?" the costume asks. "And think how it will feel when I get you ready for mating season," the costume says with an evil grin. "You should thank me now. "
"Why would I thank you?" you ask "I don't want to be a female cat" .
"Then let's talk about the deal." the costume says. "Look at yourself, what do you see? You know what you are now. I don't need to tell you do I? Now say it," the costume demands. "Say it and mean it"
"A female snow leopard?" you ask, "This is what I am?"
The costume smiles. "That's right. "
You stand in front of the door and open your mouth and start to speak, but nothing comes out. All that you can do is pant. The costume laughs as you try to scream. It doesn't work, all your efforts come out in gasps. Finally you have a word. "What... what did you do?"
The costume stops laughing.
"Simple. If you don't accept what you are, then you are unable to control your body" it explains. "Now you have a choice to make. Do you want to be a male or a female?"

Written by novelai on 03 July 2021

The end (for now)
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