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You notice a Renamon standing ten feet in front of you. She smiles at you and welcomes you closer with her arms out offering a hug. She is very attractive so you take the offer and walk up and embrace her, she kisses you passionately and whispers biomerge activate.


Immediately your in another place and your bodies are overlapping. You very quickly merge with Renamon and feel your minds merge completely together there no longer being the original self but a mix of you and Renamon.


Looking about you find a mirror and look into it. You find yellow-gold head and shoulder armor, a piece protecting your breasts. You notice the purple arm and leg guards and the Tao symbols that are all over your body.


You think that you can fight and protect everyone before you take off to somewhere else in search of those in trouble.


Written by Tsunari on 04 May 2008

The end (for now)
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